GMB fans spot Ranvir Singh’s quirky habit as she replaces Susanna Reid on show

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Ranvir Singh has been a fixture on Good Morning Britain for the past seven years, but certain eagle-eyed fans have just picked up on one of her unusual habits.

The broadcaster, 43, joined Adil Ray in the hot seat on Wednesday morning, replacing regular host Susanna Reid who is taking time off for the half-term holiday.

Watching from home, some fans realised Ranvir tends to hold on to her mug of tea – stamped with the GMB logo – while hosting interviews.

The vessel clearly contains a brew, because once in a while Ranvir would pause to take a sip – though some fans claimed the mug must be empty.

Watching an interview with Shadow Secretary Kate Green play out, certain fans highlighted Ranvir's tendency to hold onto her teacup, drawing attention to the habit.

"Ranvir still clutching onto her empty mug!" said one.

"I don't think holding your tea mug like it's your hot water bottle is conducive to incisive, penetrating, merciless interviewing," a second snipped.

And watching Tuesday's episode, another wrote: "Put that mug down Ranvir, we all know it's empty!"

"Now Ranvir is pretending to drink coffee from her empty mug!" added a fourth.

The GMB panel are allowed to grab a brew and a bite to eat during ad breaks, though occasionally, they fail to swallow their breakfast before the cameras start rolling.

Other fans have noticed Susanna also loves to have a cup of tea or coffee in her hand when hosting the show – thanks, no doubt, to their early starts on the show.

The host, who is currently GMB’s sole lead anchor since Piers’ Morgan’s departure, previously admitted she needs to wake up at 3.15am in the morning to make it to the studio.

Writing in her Daily Mail column in May 2020, she said: "There’s an easy explanation for me: although I’m lucky I’m still in work, I have had to shift my alarm an hour earlier to 3.15 am as I’m driving myself into the studio and doing my own hair and make-up.

"That’s the time I would normally use to read the newspapers and prepare."

She added: "I’m finding this extra-early morning jolt adds to the permanent groggy feeling of jet lag I’ve had for decades.

"Not a moan, it’s a fact of my life."

Good Morning Britain airs on weekdays at 6am on ITV.

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