Game of Thrones: Major Arya plot hole teased her journey – ‘Always intended to return?’

Game of Thrones: Behind the scenes of Arya Stark's ‘fatal blow’

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Arya Stark (played by Maisie Williams) had possibly one of the most amazing story-arcs throughout Game of Thrones. Starting off as the feisty youngest daughter of Ned Stark who didn’t want to conform to the feminine standards expected from her as a princess like her sister Sansa (Sophie Turner), she ends the show a ruthless assassin whose skill led her to be the only person who can kill the Night King. 

The most exciting time in her journey has to be when she trained to become No-one under the Faceless Men. 

In order to shed her own identity and be able to take up any other person’s face, Arya was asked to get rid of all of her personal belongings. 

But her desire to hold on to one item, in particular, may have revealed her return to Westeros ahead of time. 

Explaining the plot hole on Reddit, one fan said: “In High Sparrow, The Faceless Men tell Arya she can’t be No-one while she retains her material possessions.

“Arya goes to the water and discards most of her items but hides Needle.

“Are we to believe that no one followed her to be sure she was truly rid of her things?” asked user eaglesbaby200. 

“I assume that she was not followed, as she would not have proceeded in her training if it was known she kept her sword.

“Also, from this scene, can we assume that Arya never intended to remain No-one but always intended to return to Westeros as Arya?” they questioned. 

Other fans however disagreed with this assessment of the situation: “Arya wasn’t followed, that’s not the FM way,” said user J2thK. 

“The book explains it whereas the show can’t really get inside a character’s head as easily. It’s not that she never intended to join the Faceless Men, Arya didn’t give up Needle because she couldn’t.”

They continued: “There is a fantastic passage in the book about what Needle represents to her. So she can’t bring herself to get rid of it. In the show that is represented by the music and Arya’s facial expressions. 

“I think it was done well enough and it shows her struggle,” they assessed. 

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Wolv90 also posted: “Arya had been through so much that she knew no path in life was guaranteed.

“She kept the sword in case her life, once again, was changed beyond her ability to fix. 

“As for her being followed, the House of Black and White didn’t care about what she did until she joined them, even then having her collect and discard the hidden items could have been another step later in her training,” they said. 

Another fan had a harsher assessment of the plot-line: “The whole No-one story makes no sense.”

“You’re not supposed to think about it too much,” said Reddit user Arobin08. 

“Arya’s there to get superpowers and doesn’t want to give up her identity so that’s what happens. 

“Jaquen seems to know that she’s still Arya and never commits but he gives her all their abilities anyway for no real reason.”

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