Fishermen erupt at Jersey cave-in to France Dont give licenses away like confetti!

France fishing row: Deas discusses Jersey's fishing licenses

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National Federation of Fishermen’s Organisations Chief Executive Barrie Deas has hit out at Jersey for issuing more licenses to French boats, saying that it’s important that licenses aren’t “handed out like confetti”. The Jersey Government issued another 49 licenses in an attempt to de-escalate the post-Brexit row over fishing rights.

Speaking on BBC Breakfast, Sally Nugent said: “Just tell me how all those employed in the fishing industry in this country are feeling at the moment?”

I think our feeling is that it’s important that licenses aren’t just handed out like confetti to the EU vessels for two reasons.

He went on: “One is that the trading cooperation agreement is quite explicit that only vessels that have a track record of fishing historically within the UK 6 to 12-mile limit are eligible.

So we need to find a way to identify those vessels.

And secondly, because the foundation of sustainable fisheries management really requires access to be limited. 

If you can’t limit the fishing effort in a particular fishery, you’ve got no hope of managing it through other means.”


He continued: “So I think it’s important that this matter has settled, but it’s really the issue of licenses really a technical matter. 

“I think it’s the intervention of probably domestic politics in France that have escalated this.”

The Jersey Government handed out 49 licenses to French boats to de-escalate the tension with France over fishing rights. 

UK and France have issued tit-for-tat threats in this fishing row. 

Emmanuel Macron has previously said that Tuesday was the deadline for UK to make a move to allow more French boats access to fishing waters.

French authorities have said they will stop UK boats from docking at some ports unless more licenses were granted.


Jersey now confirmed that the total number of licenses issued to French vessels are 162.


Liz Truss told Sky news: “The French have made completely unreasonable threats, including to the Channel Islands and to our fishing industry and they need to withdraw those threats.”
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