'Ex On the Beach' Season 3 Premiere: Whose Exes Have Already Entered the House?

MTV’s Ex on the Beach is back with Season 3. Although there is a brand-new cast, the show still promises the same messy drama as the singles attempt to find love while living in a house with their ex. In previous seasons, production had to trick the contestants into coming on the show. However, for this season, all the singles knew what they signed up for, and want to get into a new relationship, while closing the door on a past one.

The Ex on the Beach singles cast are multi-platinum selling singer Aubrey O’Day, Big Brother star Mark Jansen, rapper Mechie Harris, singer Cameron Armstrong, actor Billy Reilich, Are You the One? Kenya Scott and Geles Rodriguez, twin artists Lexi and Allie Kaplan, and The Challenge Devin Walker. Whose exes already washed up on the beach? Keep reading to find out!

Connections already made on the ‘Ex on the Beach’ Season 3 premiere

When the singles first met, Big Brother alumni, Mark could not stop talking about his ex, Elena. He told anyone who would listen why they broke up and other problems they had in their relationship. The other singles became annoyed, namely Geles and Devin, that Mark would not talk about anything else. However, he couldn’t stop smiling at Aubrey, who said he and Billy have the biggest chests she ever saw.

Kenya and Mechie hit it off almost immediately. Kenya referred to him as her “snack,” and he told the confessional he likes her personality. The two stayed coupled up throughout the day, and they hooked up that night.

Geles and Cameron also had an almost immediate connection. However, Geles’ ex, Anthony, recently cheated on her and Cameron currently lives with his ex-girlfriend. Despite this, Geles claimed she “fell in love on the first night” similar to Are You the One? Season 6, where she fell for her no-match, Anthony, very quickly.

Singles go on their first date

In a new twist, soon after meeting each other, the contestants have to “crush” a person using a tablet. If the other person also “crushes” them, then the two will enjoy a date together. Someone dressed up in a shark costume, presumably host Romeo Miller, came to the house and delivered a bottle containing the results of the crush match. The newly formed couples going on dates are Geles and Cameron, Mechie and Kenya, Devin and the Kaplan twins, and Mark and Aubrey.

For their date, the couples sat in large plastic bubbles by the pool and shared a bottle of Champagne. Mechie and Kenya and Devin and the twins had a great date and learned more about each other with no interruptions. However, Geles and Cameron and Mark and Aubrey’s date wasn’t so lucky.

Two exes enter on ‘Ex on the Beach’ Season 3 premiere

Geles almost immediately asked Cameron if he wanted marriage and kids and then grilled him about his live-in ex-girlfriend. While the questions caught the singer off-guard, he admitted he liked Geles. Even though Aubrey wasn’t a fan of Mark’s suit, she still thinks he’s a good guy and wants to get to know him. However, Mark admitted that his ex will “go crazy” if she sees him talking to her.

Elena and Anthony, Mark and Geles’ exes, burst their bubbles by walking in and ruining the date. Elena admitted she still loves Mark and her main reason for entering the house is to get him back. When she sat down in between Mark and Aubrey, the Danity Kane singer initially confused her with a waitress until Elena introduced herself.

The moment was so awkward for Elena that she drank straight out of the Champagne bottle. Aubrey then volunteered to leave so the former lovers could talk. Mark did not want to have a conversation about their relationship, so she asked for a Xanax before telling everyone she wanted to go home.

Anthony came into the house to ruin whatever connections Geles made because she exposed him as a cheater online. The second after Anthony sat down, Geles accused him of breaking her heart and ran out crying.

Although Cameron thinks she must still have feelings for him, he still checked on her. In the confessional, Geles admitted she still had feelings for Anthony but wants to continue exploring things with Cameron. The developing couple also spent the night together.

To see if Elena or Anthony will ruin their exes’ newfound connections, watch Ex on the Beach Tuesdays at 8 P.M. EST on MTV!

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