Everything you need to know about Lie With Me starring Eastenders’ Charlie Brooks

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EastEnders fans were delighted by the recent news that Charlie Brooks will be returning as Walford villain Janine Butcher.

But while we wait to see what twisted schemes she’s got in store, Charlie is back on our screens tonight in tense psychological thriller Lie With Me.

And there’s a bit of a soap link – she’s teamed up with Brett Tucker, best known as Daniel Fitzgerald in Neighbours. The Channel 5 drama is a collaboration between British and Australian broadcasters, and Charlie plays a character called Anna.

After her husband Jake has an affair, she moves with him and their young children from London to his hometown of Melbourne, Australia, for a fresh start – but she’s soon anxious about his secretive behaviour.

Their young nanny Becky (Phoebe Roberts) seems supportive. But just who is the real threat to Anna’s marriage?

Charlie says she talked to friends to get some inspiration about Anna’s situation, both in terms of emigrating and her relationship.

The actress explains: “Anna’s an outsider in so many ways and I spoke to a friend who emigrated to Australia about the loneliness and isolation you can feel.

“I also spoke to some friends who have experienced gas lighting in their relationships. I’ve been fortunate in my own relationships and blessed with good people in my life but I understand how people can get trapped in toxic relationships.”

Even so, the actress, who lives in Surrey, couldn’t help but compare her life with Anna’s. But having played Janine, she’s keen to point out she doesn’t see similarities with all her roles.

Charlie adds: “As a woman approaching 40 with my own daughter and my own challenges, I always take from my own experiences in life, and insecurities that you might feel as a woman.

“It’s interesting to tap into those things and how they manifest in a character, and Anna has a lot of uncertainty. A lot of any character comes from what you have within you – but I say that lightly because I have played some ‘out there’ characters and killers, and that’s not from me!”

Charlie reveals she also had plenty of reasons to love filming in Melbourne, not least getting to feel like soap icon Kylie Minogue, who found fame as Charlene in Neighbours.

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“The locations we used were unbelievable, the brunches are to die for and the coffee was amazing,” grins Charlie, who’ll be back on the BBC site at Elstree as she returns as Janine.

“And I got to go on the Neighbours set, too. That’s the main reason I did the job, just so I could pretend I was Charlene back in 1987!”

Lie With Me airs on Monday 12 July at 9pm on Channel 5

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