Emmerdales double death tragedy as gun siege ends in heartbreak for Victoria and David?

Emmerdale: Isabel Hodgins discusses upcoming storyline

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Emmerdale viewers were left fearing the worst when a gunshot was heard as Thursday’s instalment came to a close. Russ (played by Rob Jarvis) is currently keeping Victoria Sugden (Isabel Hodgins), David Metcalfe (Matthew Wolfenden) and Wendy Posner (Susan Cookson) trapped in The Hide but with the hostages grabbling for the gun when the shot was fired, will two residents meet a deadly fate?

Thursday’s episode began with Russ demanding money from Victoria and Wendy while holding the pair at gunpoint. 

Russ was angered when Victoria explained she was unable to transfer such a large sum of money to him.

He believes the money his late mother left for Victoria’s son belongs to him. 

The Hide employee led Russ to the business safe but despite emptying its contents, he was still unhappy. 

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Unbeknown to the criminal, David was hiding in the room with the safe and Victoria managed to pass his phone. 

However, when Jacob Gallagher (Joe-Warren Plant) called the phone, Russ was alerted to David’s presence. 

The father-of-two was able to explain the deadly situation he was in and Jacob quickly phone the police. 

But, this did little to frighten Russ who refused to let the hostages go. 

“The [police are] here,” Russ commented and Wendy added: “Of course they’re here, what did you expect? Sirens? A helicopter?”


“They probably don’t want to scare you,” Victoria said as her captor hit back: “Well I don’t scare that easy.” 

David explained: “They’re going to want to make contact with you, you need to put the phone lines back in, they’ll want to know who’s in here and that we’re all okay.”

“They’ll have the place surrounded it’s over,” Wendy quipped.

“Nothing is over,” Russ raged as he pointed the gun at his ex-wife.

Wendy signalled to David to try and grab the gun but Victoria spotted and captured Russ’ attention to stop him. 

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“You’ve still got Luke, he wouldn’t want this, you holding three people hostage,” she said. 

“[Wendy] turned him against me years ago, she turned them both against me,” he remarked. 

As the episode came to a close, the phone rang and as Russ turned his back to answer the police, Victoria jumped up to grab the gun. 

David quickly followed Victoria with Wendy close behind.

However, before any of them had a chance to grab the weapon, Russ turned around and a shot was fired. 

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It appeared as if Victoria was in the firing line and David’s eagerness to save her could also mean he receives a fatal wound. 

Will Emmerdale fans have to face a double death shock as the secret lovers meet a tragic end?

The pair recently shared a kiss but agreed to take it no further as David is currently in a relationship with Meena Julta (Paige Sandhu).

But, will the ITV soap put an end to their romance once and for all with a deadly twist?

Emmerdale airs on ITV on weekdays at 7pm.

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