Emmerdale wedding joy for Gabby – but Nicky betrays her?

Nicky (Lewis Cope) and Gabby’s (Rosie Bentham) relationship is moving faster than David approaching red light in Emmerdale – it’s going from sex to marriage in the blink of an eye.

You’ve got to hand it to Nicky, he’s landed on his feet here, having bagged himself a cushty job and Kim Tate’s protégé, who no doubt has a semi decent life insurance.

Their covert relationship is out, and Kim (Clare King) is utterly seething. Bernice (Samantha Giles) and Laurel (Charlotte Belamy) question him on his intentions like any good parents, but he and Gabby are resolute about their feelings. Their high is to be quashed though as Kim does the one thing that they were afraid of – she serves Nicky with termination papers for breaching his contract.

In an attempt to prove how serious he is about Gabby, Nicky reacts by proposing right there and then, saying he’s been waiting for the right opportunity. A bowled-over Gabby readily accepts – but is she just being her usual naïve self?

Kim is fuming when Gabby plays her checkmate move, she tells Kim she will remove Thomas from her life unless she supports their marriage.

But is Kim right to be wary at this relationship – from bedfellows to betrothed faster than she can down a bottle of champagne?

Something definitely seems suss and Nicky is getting a much better deal than Gabby in this arrangement. What is Nicky truly after?

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