Emmerdale fans work out Beths identity and Amelia link amid Clemmie drama

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Eagle-eyed Emmerdale fans are sure they've rumbled the true identity of Dawn Fletcher's friend Beth in what could be a huge twist.

Dawn recently attended the funeral of her best pal Beth, who died after overdosing on drugs. She ended up at the wake, hosted at her other friend Jade's house, where she discovered Beth's daughter Clemmie sleeping in a dog bed.

Dawn and Beth had both worked in the sex industry together, helping to protect each other from dangerous punters and often taking drugs together.

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But fans are now sure that Beth also has a connection to another Emmerdale resident – Amelia Spencer.

Amelia ran off after befriending another girl called Beth back in 2018 on a chatroom, after finding out that Daz was her biological father. But when staying at her house, she found herself manipulated and cut off from the outside world when Beth stole her phone.

Beth continued to lie to Amelia that nobody was looking for her while the pair lived in squalor – and it was later confirmed that her father had been killed nearly a decade before by Daz, shot in a live training exercise.

She would be around the right age to be Dawn's pal, and in dire enough circumstances to resort to drugs to get by.

Taking to Facebook, one viewer theorised: "Is anyone else thinking that Dawn's friend Beth (who recently died) could be the same Beth who kidnapped Amelia? Just thinking her flat looked like it could be in a similar area to Jade's…"

Someone else quickly agreed: "Oh you might have a point there. Well remembered."

As another fan penned: "Could be right. This was a few years ago now!"

Meanwhile, another viewer posted on Twitter: "#Emmerdale has me thinking, what if Dawn’s friend Beth was the same Beth who kidnapped Amelia a few years ago?"

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Viewers might also note that Beth looked rather similar to Dawn in terms of dress sense and how she wears her hair.

The character was played by Annabelle Kaye from June until August 2018.

Annabelle has also taken on various other soap roles since her village exit, playing Imogen in Hollyoaks and Kelly Rivers in BBC soap Doctors.

She has also appeared in Casualty and Ladhood.

Emmerdale airs weeknights from 7:30pm on ITV.

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