Emmerdale fans disgusted as Meena Jutla locks Andrea’s dog in a hot car to try to kill her

EMMERDALE fans are disgusted as Meena Jutla locked Andrea Nightingale’s dog Princess in a car on a hot day to kill it.

The twisted nurse – who is played by actress Paige Sandu in the ITV soap – is determined to get her sister Manpreet back with her ex Charles.

And tonight she decided to ruin his holiday with new girlfriend Andrea – by attempting to kill her dog.

She locked the pup in a hot car and left her to die – and it was only by chance that she survived.

Later, Meena loudly raged about Andrea’s actions in the pub: “What was Andrea thinking leaving a dog in her car? Any idiot knows this can happen.”

Charles told her: “Paddy said we were lucky when we did.”

Subtle as a brick, Meena said to Charles: “I know I wouldn’t want to be around if David had nearly killed one of his kid’s dogs.

“I know it was an accident – just like last time. 

“You know when she killed Jai’s dog. The one she buried in the woods. Andrea felt so bad about it. 

“Did she not tell you about that?”

Charles was horrified by Meena’s twisted words and rushed off.

Later Meena couldn’t help but brag about how she’d twisted the knife into Andrea to Charles.

Meanwhile back at their cottage Millie and Andrea couldn’t find Princess’ favourite squeaky toy.

Meena ran into Andrea in the street and couldn’t resist bragging again – but a look into her handbag revealed the truth – she had Princess’ toy and she was the one who tried to kill the dog.

Viewers were disgusted by Meena’s twisted actions and hit out at her and the soap.

One wrote: "It was meena who locked the dog in the car #emmerdale."

A second said: "KNEW it was Meena!!!! What a cow #emmerdale."

Another added: "What is wrong with Meena?!!! #emmerdale."

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