Emmerdale character dies in horrific fire and explosion

Emmerdale is about to air devastating scenes as a main character dies when the factory ctaches fire, leading to a horrifying explosion – but whose time is up? What makes the situation worse is that Kerry Wyatt (Laura Norton) and her daughter Amy (Natalie Ann Jamieson) are to blame for the inferno. Will they be forced to cover up the death or will they come clean?

The shocking tragedy occurs when Kerry determines to help Amy pay off her enemy who has been demanding money. They find themselves in the factory where Kerry raids the safe but as they realise that they are on CCTV, they tamper with the equipment, leaving live wires exposed.

Meanwhile, Tracy Shankley (Amy Walsh) is lying in wait to seduce Billy Fletcher (Jay Kontzle) in the stock room as he indicated he was going to do some work while the Wild West festivities are ongoing. But Tracy soon finds herself locked in and as sparks fly from the live wires, a blaze takes hold with Tracy trapped and screaming for her life.

The village is rocked when a mighty explosion rips through the factory – is Tracy dead? Or will someone else meet a violent end? It’s safe to say that, given that not everyone survives, lives will be shattered – not least of all Kerry and Amy’s as they now have to deal with the guilt of what they have done.

Laura told Metro.co.uk: ‘There are huge consequences. If they think that they’ve started the fire, they know that it could be bad for them. So yeah, it’s huge for everyone. No matter how tough-skinned anybody is, or what sort of trouble anybody’s been in before – it’s awful to think you might be responsible for something like that. And there’s all sorts of ways to go about dealing with it. There’s denial. There’s wanting to admit it and do the right thing. You’re up. You’re down. You don’t sleep. So yeah, I think the consequences are huge.’

Hinting at animosity ahead between mother and daughter, Natalie added: ‘They’re both dealing with it differently, so, although they’ve got each other and can share with each other what’s going on, they both have very different ideas about how to go about doing with it – because Kerry and Amy can be so different. Whatever one thinks is the sensible thing to do, the other one would definitely think the opposite.’

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