Emmerdale break-in leaves beloved villager fearing for their life

Emmerdale: Marlon pleads with Paddy not to take his own life

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Rishi Sharma (played by Bhasker Patel) hasn’t had the best time recently as he his wife Manpreet Sharma (Rebecca Sarkar) left him for Charles Anderson (Kevin Mathurin) while daughter Priya Sharma (Fiona Wade) decided to leave the village to start a new life. All alone in his big house, the much-loved Emmerdale character will fear he is being watched by an intruder.

In upcoming scenes, Rishi returns home but can’t shake his eerie feelings about his house, sure there’s an intruder.

The next day, he finds evidence someone has been in the house as they are eating his crisps.

But he can find no trace of his intruder and asks son Jai Sharma (Chris Bisson) to come and take a look.

However, Jai doesn’t believe anyone has broken into the house and instead Rishi is covering for his loneliness.

If Rishi is feeling lonely and isolated, he isn’t the only one as next week, the men of Emmerdale will come together to talk about their lives after Paddy Kirk (Dominic Brunt) tried to take his own life.

The constant worry over Paddy is taking its toll on Chas Dingle (Lucy Pargeter), Marlon and Bear who are all aware it’s a long road for Paddy’s recovery.

They are bolstered when Paddy arrives home and divulges he’s arranged to see a therapist.

The next day, Marlon does his best not to convey his desperation for Paddy to seek further professional help, and is relieved to hear Paddy calling another counselling service.

But concerned to hear Paddy has a two week wait to see someone, Marlon attempts to cheer up his friend with zombie goodies.

The next day, Marlon’s again gutted he can’t get through to his best friend and confides his fears in Nate (Jurrell Carter) and Jimmy King (Nick Miles) that he’ll never get through.

Chas informs Marlon women are generally better at dealing with their emotions than men because they speak to friends whilst Jimmy admits the community of the pub is his therapy.

Before long, Marlon is acting on this information and in a first for Emmerdale, Friday’s instalment will only include the male cast.

As the front doors of the Woolpack are locked the men of the village stay behind for a late night lock-in hoping to use the excuse as a forum to talk.

Cain, Jimmy, Liam, Bob, Charles, Sam, Nate, Marlon and Bear start their evening with the hope Paddy will join them.

As the men begin to talk starting with their childhood nicknames and life moments that have troubled them or need to get off their chests, they begin to play a friendly game of darts.

Will Paddy have the courage to join them and seek the support he needs?

Perhaps Rishi’s fears over being alone will encourage him to spend more time with other villagers.

However, there could be something much more sinister at play and Rishi could actually be dealing with an intruder.

But who is trying to break in and scare Rishi?

Emmerdale airs weekdays on ITV from 7.30pm.

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