Emmerdale baby bombshell sealed as fans work out tragic Chloe death twist

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    Emmerdale's Chloe Harris could be in for more tragedy after collapsing at home as her fiancé Mackenzie Boyd tried to tell her he's still in love with Charity Dingle.

    In dramatic ITV soap scenes, fans saw Chloe rushed to hospital after collapsing – and fans think they know exactly why. With doctors calling her back for more MRI scans, some viewers suspect Chloe could be pregnant again after welcoming baby Reuben with Mack.

    More still are sure she's set for a tragic death twist by Christmas, with bosses teasing huge storylines when it comes to the Mack-Chloe-Charity love triangle. If Chloe is in fact pregnant, it could lead to an even more heartbreaking outcome which could see her lose the baby or both mum and baby die.

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    Taking to Facebook, one fan theorised: "Is it going to turn out Chloe's pregnant again?", while yet more wondered if she could be further along than initially expected. “I haven’t read that she is pregnant but Emmerdale’s good at keeping secrets sometimes!” a second fan agreed. While a third added: “Crikey I hope she’s not!”, another said: “If she thinks having more babies will make Mack stay she is wrong!”

    Others, however, chimed in: “I think it’s something underlying that the hospital has mistakenly overlooked after the accident.” A second said: “I read that she dies. Wonder if she has a brain haemorrhage as complaining with a headache.” Another viewer said: “I think it’s something to do with the accident.”

    Yet more fans think Chloe could be faking it, guessing she knows something is to come with Mack and Charity. One X – formerly Twitter – user penned: "Chloe is playing the game I think!"

    Someone else said: "Chloe's an absolute sociopath. No one can tell me different. From the moment she arrived in the village she's had no empathy, compassion or sympathy for anyone. She's a self-absorbed, narcissistic, ignorant opportunist. I don't see what the writers/viewers see in her."

    In the context of Wednesday's episode (November 15), it makes sense that another pregnancy twist could be on the way. Viewers saw a pregnant Dawn Fletcher enjoy her baby shower – before confessing she'd been a terrible mother to Lucas and had only craved drugs while pregnant with her son.

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    Emmerdale airs weeknights from 7:30pm on ITV.

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