EastEnders spoilers: Peter Beale devastated to discover dad Ian has cut him out of the will – but kept killer Bobby in

PETER Beale is devastated next week when he discovers that his dad has cut him out of his will – but kept killer Bobby in. 

Ian and Bobby have had a troubled relationship ever since it emerged that the teen had killed his sister Lucy. 

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Ian was quick to believe that Bobby had looked up Islamic extremism materials online back in February when he was set up on terrorism charges. 

Viewers know that Dennis was to blame, but Ian accused Bobby of being broken for good and chucked him out of his house.

Next week’s episodes of EastEnders will see Lauren ring Peter and reveal her house in New Zealand has burnt down.

Peter insists that Lauren doesn’t want Max to know about the house fire and begs Ian to give her financial assistance.

Later, Ash questions Peter when she notices he seems down. 

Peter admits that he’s discovered he’s not included in Ian’s will – but that Bobby is. 

Later, Iqra reminds Tina that she promised to keep the conversation she heard between Suki and Ian a secret. 

Meanwhile, Peter punishes Bobby for being in his dad’s will but, when Ash catches him, he apologises and explains why he’s upset.  

Kathy tells Peter he needs to forgive Bobby as he dotes on him. 

Peter agrees and later tries to persuade Bobby that Lucy would want to use the foundation money to help the family. 

Will Bobby go along with Peter’s scheme and assist Lauren?

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