EastEnders spoilers: Ben Mitchell crashes Callum and Whitney's wedding – despite her death threat

BEN Mitchell is going to crash Callum Highway and Whitney Dean's wedding in EastEnders next week.

The mechanic – who is played by actor Max Bowden in the BBC soap – was warned to stay away by Whitney under pain of death after she discovered he had slept with Callum behind her back.

But as the wedding day arrives Ben doesn't flinch at Whitney's threat and turns up to the church suited and booted.

A furious Whitney demands he leave but with her adoptive mum Bianca Jackson there, will she let the secret out about her husband to be being secretly gay?

Viewers were horrified on Friday night after Whitney vowed to marry Callum despite finding out his secret.

The barmaid – who is played by actress Shona McGarty in the BBC soap – was horrified when Callum admitted cheating on her with Ben Mitchell on the night before their wedding day.

But after her unlucky in love life and string of failed relationships and bad decisions, she inexplicably decided to go ahead with the wedding.

Hunting down Ben, Whitney grabbed him by the throat and made it clear she had no intention of losing Callum to him – even if he is gay.

She said: "Come on, got nothing to say? This is your perfect scenario isn't it? Breaking hearts and holding power over everyone.

"You're pathetic, you just can't stand the thought of anyone else being happy can you Ben? Poor little Ben everyone's got to be as miserable as he is because he's had such a tough life.

"Who hasn't had a tough life, eh? No-one else matters to you. I bet you wouldn't even look twice at him if he wasn't happy with someone else.

"He's just another person to manipulate.You stay away from us or I swear to God I will kill you."

But as Ben asked her how she could marry an obviously gay man who cheated on her, Whitney insisted she would.

She said: "Because I love him and I deserve to be happy. I ain't going to let you ruin that for me."

Fans were heartbroken for her but enraged that she's setting herself up for more heartbreak.

One wrote: "What woman in their right mind would actually marry a bloke who has been unfaithful with another woman let alone a bloke??"

A second said: "I deserve to be 'appy" Yes with a bloke who's attracted to men love."

Another added: "Whitney, you deserve to be with someone who truly loves you and values you. Callum is gay and in denial. You deserve better. Just let Callum be with Ben, and find someone better for you."

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