EastEnders fans predict Frankie death after Nancy traps her in car boot

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EastEnders fans are fearing the worst for Frankie Lewis after her sister Nancy Carter locked her in car boot that was eventually stolen by Liam Butcher.

Frankie and Nancy have been going back and forth over the last few days, as Nancy appeared to be demonstrating evident signs of jealousy.

Nancy's frustration towards Frankie appeared to heighten when her their father Mick bought Frankie a new car.

But things took a terrifying turn when Nancy pushed her sister into a car boot, leaving her gasping for air in the tightly enclosed space.

To make matters worst, Nancy didn't return for her sister and the car was then taken by Liam who spotted the keys of the vehicle situated close by.

Seeing the awful scenes unfold one fan believed it was the end for Frankie. Taking to Twitter, they wrote: "Wait now I’m worried they’ll kill off Frankie cause rose is doing strictly."

"Will poor Frankie actually be found before it's sadly too late?" Another questioned.

While others shared their worry over poo Frankie's welfare. One person penned: "Omg Frankie."

Another said : "I don't really feel sorry for Nancy after tonight. Locking Frankie in the car like that was bang out of order and if Liam crashes that car Nancy will have so much guilt. At the same time; I understand that Nancy is feeling pushed out by Mick."

A third chimed: "I used to like Nancy, but now I really don't. I hope she gets into trouble with the police for that."

"Nancy is a nasty piece of work isn't she!" A fourth exclaimed.

Liam was already on a mission to get his hands on more motors after Janine’s clever ploy at the car lot had proved successful.

However the young lad was certainly in luck when he miraciously saw the keys of Frankie's new motor at his feet.

As the programme came to an end, Liam could be seen speeding off in the vehicle, leaving Frankie at the back rolling around.

Although she tried her best to scream out for help, Liam drowned out her sounds with loud music and no one was able to hear her cries.

Viewers will just have to wait and see what's next in store for Frankie.

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