Eamonn Holmes fury: How star refused to apologise to Ruth Langsford for This Morning gaffe

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Eamonn Holmes and Ruth Langsford have been regular guest presenters for ITV over the past two decades. Recently, the married couple, both 60, have fronted ‘This Morning’ while Phillip Schofield and Holly Willoughby took a break over the summer. This week, Eamonn gave a “thunderous” look at consumer expert Katie Morley after she said “s***” on-air and Ruth was left to apologise to viewers. This is far from the first time the stars have been left red-faced during a TV broadcast – but typically the Northern Irish presenter is backed into a corner following a cheeky snipe at his wife of a decade. 

The recent ‘This Morning’ blunder was caused by Katie Morley on Monday, who gasped and covered her face after she unintentionally swore in response to a viewers’ complaint about a faulty sofa.

The newly appointed consumer issues star giggled after the expletive, when she told the caller: “Oh I’m so sorry, darling, that is s***.” 

On Twitter, fans compared Eammon’s serious expression to that of a “headmaster”, while others defended Katie for “saying it how it is” and demanded: “Bring her back!”

The strong response from the TV star, shocked a number of viewers who recalled his previous more playful reactions. 

In one unearthed clip, Eamonn savagely joked about being more likely to “cheat on his wife” than Manchester United during a 2016 studio discussion about infidelity.

He said: “There are certain things in my life I would be unmovable about, that I would be so loyal about and you know exactly what they are darling… football.”

Flabbergasted, Ruth shook her head in disbelief before, in a hint that her husband should make a sharp U-turn, she quipped: “I’m not at the top of that list then?” 

But Eamonn remained adamant as he said: “No, no, I have to say the one thing I feel I could never betray is Manchester United.

“Genuinely, I’m more likely to go astray in other areas than betray United.”

Ruth, who made a shocked expression to the camera, fired back: “Oh, are you now? You heard it here first folks!”

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Eamonn insisted he was “being serious”, while Ruth fumed: “You’re more likely to cheat on me than change your football team!” 

He said: “I would say that applies to 100 percent of football fans, whether you are a man or a woman I think you would put your football club before… 

“I don’t mean before… I’m saying you are less likely to change your football club than you would your partner.”

With a half-smile, Eamonn added: “It’s true, I’m going to be honest with you, I never imagined not being with United!”

Ruth ended the crushing exchange when she stated: “You’re red through and through. Through and through!”

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