Dr Hilary confirms previous coronavirus infection provides same ‘defence’ as vaccination

Dr Hilary on COVID-19 victims getting ‘defence’ from infection

Good Morning Britain co-host Susanna Reid quizzed the doctor on reports about new research from the Siren Study Portal stating that contracting coronavirus provided as good a defence against reinfection as receiving the vaccine. Dr Hilary stated that this was expected as it is similar to other viral infections. 

Ms Reid said: “On the front page of The Times this morning is that contracting coronavirus gives at least as good an immune defence against future infections as a vaccine according to the most comprehensive study into reinfection rates.

“Prior illness provided about 85 percent protection against both asymptomatic and symptomatic reinfection.”

Dr Hilary replied: “That is what you would expect because that is the case for many other viral infections for which we have vaccinations.

“If you get the natural disease you get immunity.

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“If you get the vaccination you get immunity in a similar way.

“It is what you would expect but it is good to have it confirmed.”

Ms Reid added: “It is good, isn’t it? Immunity is what we are all after in this race to get the vaccine out.”

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