Downton Abbey movie: When is Downton Abbey released in cinemas?

Downton Abbey is back on screen, but no longer in the comfort of our homes. Sunday nights snuggling up to Downton are now changed as it’s as it’s made the move to the cinema. Fans are delighted to see what is in store as the film promises to be bigger than ever.

When is Downton Abbey out in cinemas?

Downton Abbey hits cinemas in the UK on Friday, September 13.

Only some European countries will get to see Downton Abbey before the Brits.

But in America, Australia and some other countries, it will not be until at least a week later, with the film coming out in the USA on September 20.

Sadly for Downton fans in Singapore, they will have to wait until the end of November to get their fix of the film, which will not come out until November 28.

What is the Downton Abbey film about?

The film will pick up where the TV show left off, with Mary and Edith married off, Mary managing the estate alongside Tom and Lord Grantham, and the Dowager is just as catty as ever.

But the family will be shocked to discover they have royal visitors set to meet them.

While the upstairs group are desperate to show off their finest front, the downstairs are set to work frantically preparing the house for the visit.

There also seems to be love in the air for Tom Branson and Thomas, though the trailer only hints at this so fans will have to watch the full film to find out more.

Is the cast returning to Downton Abbey?

Most of the cast loved when the series ended in 2015 are back, with the addition of some new faces.

Maggie Smith’s famous Dowager will be forced to square up to an old foe, played by fellow Harry Potter alumnus Imelda Staunton.

Alongside Imelda, whose real life husband Jim Carter plays Carson, newcomer Tuppence Middleton will play a love interest for Tom Branson, or so the trailer suggests, while Stephen Campbell Moore will play Captain Chetwode, who may be a love interest for Tom.

Downton Abbey is released in cinemas on September 13

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