Dont bring it up! Dr Amir blasts Andi Peters after demanding not to talk about work

Dr Amir and Andi Peters clash about revealing his 'day off'

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Dr Amir joined Andi, who is standing in for Lorraine Kelly this week, to discuss the latest developments regarding the coronavirus pandemic. Usually, the medical professional works as a General Practitioner when he is not making appearances on Good Morning Britain or other ITV programmes. When Andi decided to talk about how he was going to go back to work after speaking on Monday’s episode of Good Morning Britain with Lorraine, Dr Amir blasted him and told his co-star to “not bring it up” in an awkward exchange.

The pair had been talking about Omicron, the symptoms displayed if an individual has contracted the variant and how viewers can protect themselves.

At the end of the interview, Andi wanted to thank his co-star for sitting and speaking with him about the latest developments.

However, the presenter said: “Amir, we’re out of time but I know today was going to be your day off but you’re actually going to work today.”

Looking stunned at hearing this, the medical professional explained he had told bosses of the ITV show not to tell the host.

Speaking from his home, the medical professional remarked: “I said not to bring this up,” with the presenter apologising.

Andi explained as the guest nervously laughed: “They said to me bring this up. So [I’m sorry].”

“No, I said don’t,” the GP continued before explaining there were some staff shortages, forcing him to work during his annual leave.

“I did book annual leave but it’s fine. It’s fine and I wasn’t going to talk about it,” he shared, with the presenter stating how “awkward” the conversation had become.

“Cut him off, we don’t need to talk to him [anymore. Just cut him off,” the most jokingly told his bosses on the show.

“I never mentioned it and he will never forgive me,” the presenter joked.

He will never forgive me

Andi Peters

Over the last few days, there has been a lot of reports stating Prime Minister Boris Johnson could implement a lockdown in the coming days to deal with the surge of the Omicron variant.

It has not been confirmed if such restrictions would be imposed in the days before Christmas or if they would come into play after the holidays.

A two-week circuit breaker is high on the list of possibilities to try and stop the number of cases being reported increasing.

Speaking on Good Morning Britain, GP and Independent SAGE member Dr Helen Salisbury stated action needs to be taken now.

The medical professional said: “It’s just horrible, isn’t it. It’s really, really not where we wanted to be.”

“But if you look at the minutes from the Government’s own advisory board SAGE from Thursday, they’re really, really worried,” Dr Helen added.

“And as Chris Whitty says, we don’t know much about the Omicron variant but what we do know is very bad and the SAGE group and we at Independent SAGE are saying actually, we’ve got to do something right away if cases double every two days.

“We really cannot afford to carry on with that and actually, businesses cannot afford for us to carry on because people are voting with their feet.

“And without any sort of measures in place, business are really stuck and the hospitals are likely to be very stuck in January.”

“People will be really ill and unfortunately, because this variant is so transmissible, we’ve really got to reduce contact between people,” Dr Helen continued.

“It would be lovely to bury our head in the sand and pretend it didn’t happen but that would be a disaster,” the medical professional declared.

Taking to Twitter, viewers reacted to the warning, with Brenda stating: “No, no and no. I want to get back to living my life, I don’t have much of it left at my age. We have been jabbed, so let us take our chances.”

Stacey added: “If people want to lockdown then they should stay indoors and not socialise. Let the rest of the population get on and keep the economy going.

“Last year I followed government guidelines. Stayed in and didn’t mix and still caught Covid from my daughter who worked in a care home.”

Good Morning Britain with Lorraine airs weekdays at 9am on ITV.

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