Did you say something? Carol Kirkwood teases Dan Walker over lengthy sports chat

Sally and Carol tease Dan Walker over his golf chat

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BBC Breakfast presenter Dan Walker was teased by his co-stars on Monday morning after he spoke at length about golf. After a sports segment on the show, Dan explained how passionate he is about the sport. However, Dan’s BBC co-stars Sally Nugent and Carol Kirkwood quickly took the opportunity to ridicule him.

Dan spoke about the latest golf news with sports presenter John Watson and suddenly realised he may be boring some of his co-stars.

“I love golf,” Dan confessed. “Everytime we talk about golf on this programme you can hear the collective sighs from people.”

“We’ll have a ten minute golf chat later, John,” he added.

In an attempt to move onto the weather, Sally said: “Anyway…”

“Stop it!” Dan snapped at his BBC Breakfast co-presenter.

“I’m joking,” Sally insisted, with Dan confirming: “I know you’re joking.”

“I’m carrying on a tradition,” Sally explained, referencing her predecessor Louise Minchin.

Dan laughed: “Thankfully Louise isn’t here to give the golf eyes. I can just see her glazing over.

“Carol loves golf,” he added, introducing the weather presenter.

“Thankfully Carol is here. Yes, she really loves golf,” Sally said sarcastically.

Teasing Dan over his love of golf, Carol pretended she’d dozed off during his sport discussion.

“Oh I’ve just woken up. Did you say something?” The meteorologist joked.

Dan couldn’t help but keep the banter going as Carol’s weather report drew to a close.

The BBC Breakfast presenter thanked Carol for her update on the weather and suggested they could talk about golf more after work.

“Shall I ring you after for a golf chat?” Dan questioned.

Carol swiftly replied: “You’re alright thanks, Dan.”

“Alright, I’ll find someone to talk to about golf,” Dan commented.

“I’m sure you can find someone,” Sally said, with Dan suggesting: “I’ll talk to myself.”

“Just yourself, yeah. That’s what you usually do,” Sally remarked.

BBC Breakfast airs weekdays at 6am on BBC One.

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