Dick Vitale's Emotional Return to ESPN Following Cancer Diagnosis Was Awesome, Baby (Video)

He’s crying, you’re crying, we’re all crying


Legendary college hoops sportscaster Dick Vitale returned to the ESPN broadcast table on Tuesday, and it was awesome, baby.

Vitale was very emotional in the moment, and if your tears do not follow his, consult a doctor.

“I didn’t wanna cry. I can’t believe I’m sitting here,” Vitale said through tears. “This is really a big thrill for me. I want to thank all you people. There have been so many great messages. ESPN, Jimmy Pitaro, all of my buddies at ESPN. I want to thank, surely, my family and all the fans.”

“I never dreamt at 82 that I would be at court side again,” he continued. “But to be here today– I’m sorry, I hope I don’t cause a problem out there, but I’m just a little emotional.”

“Don’t apologize for anything,” his play-by-play partner — and all of us — said.

“The game is the big thing,” Vitale said. “So let’s get this game going and talk a little basketball.”

Honestly, Dickie, no it’s not. You’re the big thing today — and do not apologize for that ever again.

Watch the video below, and then play it for your family on Thanksgiving.

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