Denise Welch breaks down in tears over dads death on Loose Women We were all with him

Denise Welch teary-eyed as she recalls her dad's final days

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On Monday’s Loose Women, Denise Welch made her first TV appearance since her father passed away earlier this year. The 63-year-old was joined by her co-stars Ruth Langsford, Nadia Sawalha and Jane Moore on the show as she spoke about Vin’s death. However, the presenter broke down in tears as she recalled her father’s final days in hospital.

In September, Denise was left devastated after her dad passed away following a battle with pneumonia and pulmonary fibrosis.

The panellist also contracted coronavirus herself and decided to take a break from the ITV show.

The host explained to her co-stars that she wasn’t ready to come back to work until now.

“I’m okay,” Denise explained. “I didn’t feel ready to come back until now and the show was respectful of that.”

Denise explained that the last time she was on the show, she asked them all to celebrate with her after her dad had recovered from pulmonary fibrosis.

Pulmonary fibrosis is a condition where the lungs have been damaged and breathing becomes difficult.

She continued: “Last time I was here I was asking you all to celebrate with me after my dad had made such a valiant recovery.

“And then he got what started as a temperature, he had some paracetamol and it went down and unfortunately he had to go to hospital.”

“He was furious,” she added. “We kept saying ‘You’ve got to. It’s only for a few days’. Unfortunately, it wasn’t only two or three days.”

Denise began to break down in tears as she spoke about her dad’s final days, as she admitted he didn’t know he was dying.

The presenter recalled: “We were all with him when he went.

“Dad didn’t know he was going. The palliative team came to talk to Debbie and I.”

“And they said ‘do you think your dad is compos mentis enough to understand he’s not going to recover’,” Denise added.

“And we said ‘whether he is or not’ and because of the lack of oxygen his mental capacity had declined and he was in and out of lucidity at that point.

“He knew that we were there. He thought Lincoln was upstairs waiting in the car for him.

“And indeed, Lincoln spent 12 hours in the car park because that’s where my dad thought he was waiting for him.”

As the segment, came to a close, Denise broke down in tears again after the show played a montage of Vin’s “best bits” on Loose Women.

Following the segment, viewers took to social media to send their condolences to Denise.

Ian penned: “Condolences and best wishes to Denise. Some of the comments on this hashtag are dreadful. Be kind.” (sic)

Samantha wrote: “Sending Denise a big hug, lots of Love to you all.”

While Laura tweeted: “Sobbing watching @RealDeniseWelch and hearing her describe a situation so tragically similar to what my nan went through with #pulmonaryfibrosis.” (sic)

Loose Women airs weekdays at 12.30pm on ITV.

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