'Darcey & Stacey': Georgi Rusev Is Finally Divorced

The new season of Darcey & Stacey has finally premiered, and a lot has already happened. Fans learned in the premiere of season 2 that Georgi Rusev, Darcey Silva’s fiancé, has finally divorced his previous wife. We have all the details fans will want to know about it.

Darcey Silva and Georgi Rusev in ‘Darcey & Stacey’

During season 1 of the series, fans saw Darcey date a new man named Georgi Rusev, who is from Bulgaria and was living in Washington, D.C. They actually met on social media. They first met in person during the Super Bowl in Miami. Georgi was also a massage therapist at the time.

Despite Darcey’s initial invitation for Georgi to come and visit during the coronavirus (COVID-19) being declined, he eventually decides to stay with Darcey, and they get their own private apartment together during quarantine.

But Darcey learned that Georgi was actually still married and going through a divorce. He apparently applied for a divorce before he even met Darcey, and he also insists that he told her about being married when they first met in Miami. But Darcey says, “drinks were involved,” and that she doesn’t remember him telling her that important detail.

“I’ve been married for almost three years,” Georgi told the camera. “My soon-to-be ex-wife, we met in the modeling event four years ago. We like each other. We dated maybe six, seven months, before I propose. In the beginning was great. We get to point where we kinda, we cannot stand each other. We have old arguments and problems. We separate more than a year ago.”

Despite the problem of Georgi being married and drama between Darcey and Georgi, they became engaged. However, problems aren’t far behind, as the season premiere of the second season starts with a fight between them. 

Georgi Rusev is finally divorced

Fans learned in the premiere of season 2 that Georgi is finally divorced. He comes over for dinner with Darcey and her parents to reveal the news to them. Darcey cooks the meal for her father, Mike, and her mother, Nancy, as well as her fiancé. 

Mike tells the camera, “There’s only two things they can talk to me about: marriage or pregnancy.”

They await the arrival of Georgi, who comes with gifts, including flowers for Nancy. Darcey admits to the camera that she’s “a little nervous.” They sit down for dinner, and the news is revealed.

“We have some news to share, you guys,” Darcey explains.

“Yeah, we have good news actually,” Georgi chimes in. “My divorce is finalized.

Nancy offers up congratulations, and Mike asks, “Oh, so that’s final?”

“Yeah, thank you guys. It’s final,” Georgi replies.

Mike tells the camera, “Once I hear that Georgi is officially divorced, I’m glad for my daughter. Was I relieved that it wasn’t a baby? Absolutely. 100% relieved.” He even laughs as well.

Darcey explains to the camera that “this is a big step for us both. Now that Georgi’s divorced, I feel like we can move forward in our relationship, and I can wear this ring in honor. We have a beautiful life ahead of us.”

Georgi Rusev reveals he doesn’t want to do massage therapy anymore

As the conversation with Georgi’s future in-laws continues, Mike mentions to Georgi that he will “be the man of the family,” and although it “doesn’t mean” he has to make all the money, he has “a responsibility.” He asks Georgi about the massage therapy that he was doing previously, and Georgi reveals it isn’t something he wants to keep doing.

“Is that something you want to continue to do, or,” Mike asks.

“No, because it’s been too risky, especially now with this virus all around, that’s why I don’t want to do this anymore.”

When Mike talks to the camera alone, he explains, “I’m not the type of person that butts into someone’s business, but I do expect some accountability and responsibility. Is Georgi ready financially to take the responsibility of this family? Is he ready mentally to deal with the family and its entirety? From what I know of Georgi, I would have questions.”

We’ll have to see what the rest of the season holds now that Georgi is finally divorced. 

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