Dancing On Ice’s Billie Faiers reveals regrets over her orange fake tan and thick lashes as she laughs over Towie look

BILLIE Faiers has admitted her regret about wearing orange fake tan and thick eyelashes from her time on The Only Way is Essex.

The Dancing on Ice star, 30, laughs about her beauty faux pas now she's transformed her image from a brassy blonde to yummy mummy.

Speaking at Superdrug’s ‘At Home with Billie Faiers’ Christmas event, Billie said: "It's funny because when I was younger I went through a phase – and was still going through it in Towie – when I was using loads of fake tan, had light pink lips and long clip in extensions.

"My mum used to laugh when we told her it was cool.

"Now when we look back in pictures we say 'why did you let us go out like that?'

"I think 'oh  my goodness what were we thinking'?

"Even down to the eyelashes. Now when I wear false eyelashes, because of my eye shape, I tend to cut them in half and have them on the edges of my eyes.

"Back then some of my eyelashes used to be like spiders and so thick you couldn't see my eyes."

In January, Billie will compete in Dancing on Ice – despite being absolutely terrified of falling in front of millions of people.

She says she is "scared of everything" since becoming a mum – but promised to push herself out of her comfort zone when she turned 30.

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"I'm a scaredy cat," said Billie.

"I used to be a dare-devil, but since I've become a mum I've become really scared of everything. 

"Now I feel like I'm in a zone where I am really pushing myself.

"It's time to push myself out of my comfort zone. I said to myself when i turned 30 i wanted to push myself more.

"I'm really enjoying it now. I've started to learn my first routine.

"It's so challenging and so out of my comfort zone.

"It's an amazing opportunity and I am really enjoying it. I'm excited, but so nervous.

"I've never done anything like this. I've never performed or done a live show like this. 

"All I can do is my best. I'm putting all my effort into training and trying my hardest.

"The thing is there's no control on the ice. You think about all the things that could happen in front of millions of people.

"I've got to get on with it and do it."

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