Craziest Catfish stories – famous rapper, family revenge and cruel cancer lie

Catfishing has become a household term, with people using it on a daily basis while discussing social media snaps, claiming celebs are putting on a fake face and no longer look the same.

But the term rise to prominence in 2012 after presenters Kamie Crawford, Max Joseph and Nev Schulman joined forces to bring us arguably one of the biggest television programmes to come out of the early 2010s.

MTV spawned the mega show Catfish: The TV Show airing the trials and tribulations of online dating based on the 2010 hit film, Catfish.

But what are the craziest reveals to come from the show? Don't worry, Daily Star has delved into the archives to bring you the wildest stories.

Keyonnah and Bow Wow

Keyonnah thought all her dreams had come true in 2013 when she embarked on a romantic relationship with somebody she believed was the American rapper, Bow Wow, famed for hits such as Sweat featuring Lil Wayne.

The teenage mum started a relationship with "Bow Wow" after liking his official page on Facebook and was left speechless when she started receiving messages from the musician.

Later messages saw "Bow Wow" claim that he and Keyonnah would spend the rest of their lives together along with her child but sadly that all came crashing down.

The person pretending to be Bow Wow had even sent Keyonnah a staggering $10,000 over the course of their relationship.

Sadly, Bow Wow turned out to be Dee, a lesbian from Atlanta who used Bow Wow's persona to lure women as "he gets the attention" – their relationship soon ended.

Artis and Jess

Despite being in a relationship, Artis embarked on an online relationship with a stunning blonde named Jess, even though he had only seen one picture of her.

Artis also had a child which made his story seemingly worse for viewers of the programme who were no doubt outraged by his choices.

He did, however, have some reservations which is when Nev and Max came in handy – later discovering that Jess was in fact, Justin, who had been luring in straight men who were reportedly in a relationship.

When confronted by Nev who asked why he was so angry, Justin told the presenters that he was outraged Artis would cheat on his other half.

Whitney and Bre

While Nev and Max often investigate people pretending to be somebody else, the pair were left stunned after discovering the truth about Whitney and Bre.

The pair who were shown in season four was, in fact, in a long-term relationship but hadn't yet met.

Seizing the perfect opportunity to be able to meet, they figured that if Whitney pretended her internet girlfriend may be a fake, they would be able to meet for free.

During their investigation, Nev and Max soon realised that they were the ones being catfished – the first time this has happened.

Mike and Caroline

If you thought being catfished once was enough, it happened to Mike all over again but on a much more dramatic level.

After striking up a conversation with Caroline on the dating site Plenty of Fish, he was instantly drawn to her "goofy" personality and glowing red hair.

The pair soon struck up a relationship, speaking every single day over a year and a half with Caroline disclosing that she was living with colon cancer, the same type of cancer that killed his mum.

Despite living in the same city, they hadn't actually met but when they attempted to meet, Caroline cleverly came up with an excuse to avoid seeing her other half due to her illness.

Mike instantly became suspicious and called in Mike and Nev to help him out, who eventually discovered that her real name was not Caroline and she did not have colon cancer but was instead Heather, who had fooled him once before.

Jesse and Brian

Jesse had fallen madly in love with US Marine veteran Brian after connecting on Facebook several years prior to their meeting.

Their first interaction came about when one of Jesse's pals in the Marines put her in touch with Brian who he had served alongside in Afghanistan.

However, after three years of talk and not meeting, Jesse became anxious and required the help of Nev and Max.

In perhaps one of the rarest Catfish experiences, Brian turned to be the person he had been all along and they had an instant connection.

Brian sadly died in December 2016 following a motorbike crash in his hometown, Birmingham, Alabama with Jesse saying he will always hold a special place in her heart.

Antwane and Tony

These two have perhaps the most bizarre story of all when it comes to Catfishing – forget sibling rivalry, cousins Antwane and Tony took a family feud to the next level.

After Antwane made some remarks about his cousin Carmen, calling her "a fat a** Kelly Price", she took it upon herself to get the ultimate revenge.

He had been speaking to a man he believed was called Tony for three years after meeting on a phone cat line, eventually becoming suspicious and getting help from Nev and Max.

Cousin Carmen came along for the ride to find her cousin's mystery pal – knowing she had given him three false addresses.

After going around several of the addresses, Carmen shocked her cousin along with Nev and Max saying: "The reason why you f***ing stupid idiot can never find Tony is because… I'm Tony…"

Stunned by the revelation, Antwane exclaimed: "Why the f**K would you do that?" before Carmen admits she sought revenge after being called a larger version of gospel singer Kelly Price.

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