Corrie’s Phill ‘to murder Tyrone’ as fans uncover his real motive after wedding

Coronation Street fans are sure they have spotted a ‘problem’ with Phill Whittaker amid his efforts to win back the love of Fiz Stape.

Though Fiz and Phill did tie the knot, she left him shortly after the extravagant wedding ceremony in order to rekindle things with Tyrone Dobbs, who confessed he was still in love with her after originally cheating with Alina Pop.

With Alina out of the picture, Fiz couldn’t resist running into the arms of her former lover again.

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But fans have been suspicious of Phill from the very start, and are now convinced he could take some extreme measures to win her back – including taking Tyrone out.

Taking to Twitter, one fan wrote: “I really need to know where Phill is getting all his money from.

“The house, the renovations, the wedding, the clothes, now a dinner jacket and a band? Is he a villain who’s going to kill Tyrone? Did Kelly give him a bag of cash?

“I need to know! #Corrie.”

Another added: “I think Phill is out to take Fiz’s house and much more… he has planned it all and Fiz fell for it hook, line and sinker!”

“Fake Phill will do a runner with the money from the house!” someone else guessed.

It is especially strange when you consider Phill was fired from his job at the council after leaking information to Maria – and desperate to sell Tyrone and Fiz’s house to get more cash.

It comes after actor Jamie Kenna opened up to the Daily Star on his current storyline, explaining: “I think love is blind and love can make us do very, very out of character things.

"So he goes through pretty much a full wardrobe of dress-up clothes in an attempt to create certain scenarios to win her back!”

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The star added: “He just tries every single thing romantically he can think of but from the outside looking in it's kind of painful and cringe-worthy to watch, bless him."

But despite his seemingly innocent motives, there could be a lot more at stake than a ruined wedding day.

Jamie added that Phill may not suspect Tyrone at the moment, as Fiz had “plenty of opportunities” to run back to him – but once he finds out they’ve rekindled things, it could be another story entirely.

He said: “It'll be one of the things going through his mind but I think he'll dismiss it because he’ll think well if it’s that why has it not happened before.

"If she wanted to be with Tyrone she’s had plenty of opportunities, with the book, the mistakes that Phill's made, the fact she moved back in with Tyrone. So I don't think it’s his number one choice as to why this has happened."

Coronation Street airs Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays from 8pm on ITV.


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