Corrie’s Phill ‘caught in lie’ about council job as fans twig sinister motive

Coronation Street’s Phill could be up to no good, as eagle-eyed viewers think they have caught him in a lie about his council job.

In recent episodes, fans saw Phill ousted from his office-based council job after leaking papers about the environmental impact of getting rid of the Red Rec to Maria Connor.

Breaking the news to girlfriend Fiz, the pair became even more determined to sell the house she used to share with Tyrone in order to move into their own place.

But could he be up to something a lot more sinister? Fans think he could be playing the long game in order to swindle Fiz out of more of her money – which could happen if the house sale manages to go through in his name too.

Taking to Facebook to share their theories, one fan wrote: “I’m not sure [what’s going to happen] but Phil is too good to be true. Deffo up to something.

“If he ‘worked for the council’ how come he was never seen before? For example when the collapse happened at the factory [and] Rick killed Rana?”

Someone else added: “If the house was going in a joint name… Phil is definitely up to something.”

Another viewer quickly added: “Also what job did he actually have at the council? Could have been on the caretaking side which would give him access to documents etc., he could have been snooping around out of office hours.

“Not sure but thought you had to have a verbal warning then a written warning then you’re out!”

As a fourth social media user echoed: “Going to end up bad, I think Phil is a con man.”

“It’s all going to end in tears – he’s a wrong ‘un!” someone else agreed.

Some fans even think he could be linked to Fiz’s evil ex and serial killer John Stape, fancying that they could be somehow related by DNA.

One fan theorised earlier in the year: “I think he’s something to do with John Stape. Not sure what it is yet. Maybe brother?”

Another agreed: “I think Phill is John Stape’s brother,” as another echoed: “I wonder if Phill is related to John Stape?”

If true, it could be a good way of introducing Fiz’s daughter Hope to more relatives on her father’s side – something that proved divisive when she met her half-sister Jade.

And if he is exposed as a villain, what effect could it have on the already fragile Hope?

Coronation Street airs Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays from 8pm on ITV.

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