Corries Audrey Roberts to be killed off as fans notice death references

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Coronation Street fans were terrified on Wednesday, as they clocked one of Audrey Roberts' 'concerning' habits during the soap double-bill.

Eagle-eyed viewers are now certain that soap stalwart Aud – played by Sue Nicholls – is set for a terrifying death twist, which could see her follow in Norris Cole's footsteps after actor Malcolm Hebden decided to retire from acting.

On Wednesday's episode, Audrey was celebrating her birthday in the bistro with a selection of 'old woman' presents – which included a foot spa, a slanket and a pair of fuzzy slippers.

Furious with her family for treating her like she's 'too old' for fun, Audrey stormed off.

But things went from bad to worse – as daughter Gail moaned at her to get checked in for an eye test, Audrey reversed her car right into Rita's, scraping the paintwork.

Later, Rita furiously yelled at Audrey to "get a mobility scooter" if she wasn't safe to be on the roads – and the debate soon turned to the prospect of residents' parking.

For fans, there was something even more concerning – Audrey's constant references to death.

Sitting in the bistro, Audrey shouted at her relatives: "Write a list [of gifts] and send it to me on my death-bed, because that's clearly where I'm heading!"

She also referenced death earlier in the episode as she sat in Roy's Rolls.

Terrified fans took to social media to air their thoughts, with one posting: "Audrey is mentioning death a lot… is she dying in Corrie's big soap week?!?!"

Someone else pointed out: "Was that a bit of foreshadowing there? Does Audrey die in the sinkhole in big soap week? #Corrie."

"Is Audrey about to die?" another fan begged, as someone else echoed: "Audrey, is she gonna die?!"

More concern for Audrey leapt up as she refused an alcoholic drink to celebrate her birthday, instead opting for a lime and tonic.

One worried fan said on Twitter: "Something is definitely up with Audrey if she's turning down alcohol!"

"What's wrong with Audrey? Turning down alcohol?" someone else penned.

One fan thought there could be a potential dementia diagnosis in the pipeline for the soap stalwart, which could prove devastating for the dynamics of the Street.

Taking to social media, someone wrote: "I'm calling it now… I think Audrey potentially has dementia and we are in the very early stages of seeing it. Give it a few months and we'll all be devastated by her decline. This is pure speculation on my part but I'm already upset at the thought. #Corrie."

There has been no official announcement that actress Sue is leaving the Street – but that doesn't mean producers couldn't simply be keeping it under wraps for now.

Coronation Street airs Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays on ITV.

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