Corrie fans fear for Summer as they twig Esthers murder plot after miscarriage

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    Coronation Street fans believe Summer is in danger after suffering a miscarriage during Monday night's episode of the ITV soap.

    At the beginning of the episode, the teenager went to visit Mike and Esther, the couple who were paying her to adopt her baby, and told them she was thinking of moving away with boyfriend Aaron.

    The duo then asked Summer if she wanted to move in with them, to which she agreed despite hesitations from her boyfriend.

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    But just after she received her most recent pay packet from the pair, Summer realised she was bleeding and the doctor informed her she had a miscarriage.

    Fans immediately took to social media to voice concerns for the teen once Mike and Esther find out that she can't give them a baby.

    One penned: "Well that's Summer dead and buried in the garden then, why would you agree to move in?! #corrie."

    "Summer, You should just tell them. You're going to get in so much trouble," added a second.

    Another echoed: "I dread to think what Mike and Esther would do if they find out shes lying."

    Others speculated that Mike and Esther could hold her hostage if they find out there is no longer a baby.

    Someone wrote: "Creepy Esther and Mike holding Summer hostage when they find out about what’s happened with the baby."

    A second said: "Oh god when Summer tells Esther and Mike what’s happened they’ll probably hold her hostage or something…"

    "Poor Summer has had a miscarriage, she’s now in debt with Esther and Mike, the baby snatchers… #corrie," speculated a third.

    After seeing Eric in a drunken state, Summer suggested to Aaron that they shouldn't tell Mike and Esther about her miscarriage to make sure the couple keep paying them, meaning they can pay for Eric's rehab.

    But what will happen if Mike and Esther discovered they have been lied to?

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