Coronation Street’s Roy Cropper’s fears for Nina as she changes after Seb murder

Emotions were certainly running high last week on Coronation Street, after Seb Franklin’s brutal and unexpected death.

But now, Corrie star David Neilson has spoken candidly about his character's fears for niece Nina Lucas, following Seb’s unmerciful murder.

David who plays the awkwardly loveable Roy Cropper becomes upset when goth Nina decides to change her appearance after she and her boyfriend Seb were targeted by bullies last week.

Roy becomes increasingly concerned for his niece and fears her sparkle might demise due to the hateful attack.

Following the emotionally fuelled scenes last week, David has received high praise from Corrie fans alongside Mollie Gallagher who plays Nina.

Talking in more detail about his character in a press conference, David said: "He feels terrible that she’s going to become more like him – beige.

"And she’s conforming. I think the thing is with Roy he avoids the crowds and Nina is not part of the crowd and suddenly she wants to dress to be invisible, and to be part of the crowd and he can see that’s damaging to her individuality and personality but it is obviously a phase."

Talking more about actress Mollie, the soap star said: "The thing is she does it brilliantly as well. It’s the way she plays it, the subtle differences in the character.

David who's been a part of Coronation Street since 1995 also mentioned that he was initially worried if Mollie could convey more of an emotional side, as she was fresh out of drama school, but later admitted that he felt she was "phenomenal" playing Nina.

This week on Corrie, once Nina returns home from the hospital, Seb’s mum Abi who is clearly distraught blames the goth for her appearance and says her son would still be alive if it wasn’t for her choice of attire.

Due to Abi’s harsh criticisms, Nina feels there may be some truth in her sentiments and tells Roy that she thinks Seb’s mum may be right.

Later on in the programme, Roy, who is known for his mild-tempered mannerism becomes evidently annoyed at Dev’s daughter Asha, after she defends her boyfriend Corey who is currently a prime suspect in the attack.

When asked if Roy would try to seek revenge for the hate crime, David said: "I think as Roy, the rational person that he is, living by this moral code, he would believe in rationality and the system to care of it.

"But if something happens, like all of us really, if something happens to me and mine, I think he’s capable of anything. I think he could be quite dangerous."

He'd added: "If something happens to Nina, he’s only human but that’s not the way forward for society or to deal with it.

Nina and Seb’s storyline was based on the real-life story of Sophie Lancaster who died after being assaulted for her looks in 2007.

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