Coronation Street's Eileen Grimshaw's life in danger as she is held hostage by Jan's slave gang in explosive episodes

CORONATION Street's Eileen Grimshaw is going to be left in serious danger when she rumbles boyfriend Jan Lozinski's criminal secret and tries to expose his human trafficking ring.

The unlucky in love taxi operator – who is played by actress Sue Cleaver in the ITV soap – will become convinced builder Jan is a drug dealer after becoming suspicious of his behaviour decides to investigate herself, putting her own life on the line.

A source exclusively told The Sun Online: "After everything she went through with Phelan, Eileen thought she had found happiness with Jan but she will have a few niggling doubts about him.

"Learning from her past mistakes, Eileen will start digging into Jan's life but the truth is more horrifying than she could have ever imagined.

"She goes blundering into one of the nail bars convinced it's a front for drugs but when the gang realise she could blow their entire operation they decide to take drastic action to keep their sex trafficking ring secret.

"Eileen screams for her left – but will anyone hear her and rescue her from certain death?"

However things won't be as straight-forward as just rescuing Eileen as while she is being held captive she discovers the true nature of Jan and the gang.

The source added: "She's terrified for herself but when she finds the woman hidden and being forced to work as sex slaves it rocks Eileen to the core.

"Eileen's desperate to save them all but it's safe to say her life will never be the same again after the ordeal.

"She survived her killer husband but Jan is a different beast altogether so Eileen could be leaving the cobbles in a box."

Actress Sue Cleaver has been on the cobbles since 2000 playing Eileen.

A Coronation Street spokeswoman declined to comment.

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