Coronation Street spoilers: Simon Barlow’s drug-dealing sees Leanne drawn in to help?

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Coronation Street fans have seen Simon Barlow (played by Alex Bain) dragged into a gang recently and it seems he could end up embroiling his step-mother, Leanne Battersby (Jane Danson) into his illegal dealings too. It comes after the latest soap spoilers suggest Leanne is too consumed with guilt to try and persuade Simon he should get out of drug dealing, and as a result, Leanne will find her flat being used as somewhere they can store the packages and count their money. 

In upcoming scenes, Simon corners Sam and assures him that what he witnessed was just a prank and nobody got hurt. 

Nick Tilsley (Ben Price) who is watching on is pleased to see them apparently getting on but when he gets a call from school to say Sam’s had a meltdown and hurt another child he’s left worried. 

When Nick tries to speak to Sam, he refuses to open up and when Jacob calls in at the cafe, Sam is terrified, darting out. 

Having finally coaxed the truth about what Sam witnessed, Nick heads out to confronts Simon and Leanne is horrified when she hears what has gone on.

Viewers will see her turn to her step-son and demand to know the truth and with all eyes on him, Simon lies, assuring Leanne it was just a prank. 

Nick, however, doesn’t believe a word he says and orders Simon to stay away from his son. 

Later that day, Simon meets with Jacob and tells him he’s got his bag back and he’s ready to do the delivery. 

But, their plan is thwarted by an angry Leanne who confronts Simon holding the drug packages which causes Simon to snap and reveal the truth; he’s dealing drugs because somebody has to put food on the table. 

In a bid to make Simon see sense, she promises him she will step up and start acting like the adult, but they must go to the police and Simon has to tell them who he’s been involved in. 

He is horrified, and explains he owes his drug-dealer boss money and that he’ll be killed if he drops his name to the police. 

Not know what to do, Leanne turns to her sister Toyah Battersby (Georgia Taylor) who is stunned when she finds out what happened to Sam. 

When Simon returns home with Jacob in tow a shaken Leanne retreats to her room and when she eventually returns to the front room, she finds the two boys counting their drugs money. 

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Those watching at home will see Leanne urge Simon to get Jacob to leave, but before he does he makes a dig about her dead son causing Leanne to flip. 

She will beg Simon to stay away from Jacob and stop dealing but Simon points out the stark truth – they need the money. 

How will she feel when Simon continues to deal drugs and brings them into her house? 

The actress who plays Leanne has spoken out about this new storyline arc and what it means for her character – could viewers find themselves watching Leanne get involved in drug dealing soon? 

When asked how Leanne reacts to Nick’s news, Jane said: “She’s horrified and demands Simon tell her exactly what happened. 

“Of course Simon lies, making out it was just a prank so Leanne’s torn, she wants to believe him but she’s got a feeling that something just isn’t right, a mother’s instinct I guess.” 

And her instinct is what drives to her to go looking in Simon’s things: “She just can’t shake the feeling that something isn’t right,” the actress continued. 

“She’s furious when she finds the drugs but Simon really hits her where it hurts, making out someone has to put food on the table and she’s a mess. 

“Leanne’s still so consumed with her grief she’s quite understandably taken her eye off the ball. She knows she needs to do something but it’s such a lot for her to deal with right now.” 

But things are made worse when Jacob starts hanging around her flat with Simon: “Leanne is a bit of a shell of herself right now and she’s just not equipped to deal with this, she hasn’t got the fight in her. 

“The Leanne of old would be dragging him out but she just doesn’t have the strength and finds herself hiding in her room,” she explained. 

Coronation Street airs tonight on ITV at 7.30pm. 

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