Coronation Street spoilers: Geoff Metcalfe kicked out by Sally and Tim as they doubt his innocence

GEOFF Metcalfe gets a taste of his own medicine as he’s turfed out by Sally and his son Tim after Yasmeen pleads NOT guilty to his attempted murder next week in Coronation Street. 

Sally and Tim were Yasmeen’s next door neighbours and saw a string of suspicious events concerning Yasmeen and Geoff ahead of her arrest but are yet to realise Geoff's abuser.

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Coronation Street fans have watched in horror as evil Geoff has managed to trick everyone on the cobbles into believing that Yasmeen is an alcoholic and the abuser in their relationship. 

Geoff’s evil tactics meant that Yasmeen’s friends and family were quick to turn against her when she was arrested for attempted murder after attacking Geoff in self-defence.

But fans know that Alya has been on Yasmeen’s side from day one and even tried to get Yasmeen to leave Geoff.

Yasmeen’s nosy neighbour Sally has also had her suspicions after witnessing a string of suspicious events and odd behaviour from Geoff ahead of her arrest.

Sally’s suspicions were piqued when she discovered that Geoff had claimed to be the victim of violence at the hands of a woman twice before. 

In episodes of Corrie set to air this week, Tim is shocked when he walks in on his dad deleting footage from his hidden cameras on his secret laptop – but is quick to brush over the incident.

Later, Sally is horrified when Geoff admits to hiring prostitutes because Yasmeen wouldn’t sleep with him.

But while the evidence starts to click into place for Sally, Tim remains adamant that his dad must be innocent. 

Next week’s episodes of Coronation Street will see Yasmeen finally realise the abuse she’s been suffering at the hands of Geoff. 

Yasmeen confides in Alya ahead of her hearing and tells her the tale of Geoff cooking her chicken.

Meanwhile, Sally grows increasingly suspicious of Geoff and begs Tim to chuck him out. 

Later in the week, Yasmeen sticks to her guns and pleads not guilty.

Yasmeen’s change of heart is the final straw for Sally and she decides once and for all that Geoff’s story just doesn’t add up. 

Meanwhile, Geoff is raging that Yasmeen has pleaded not guilty and tells Tim they need to come together to beat her.

But Sally bursts his bubble when she tells Tim that she wants him to move out immediately. 

Tim feels bad as he urges his dad to move back to his house. 

Later, when Eileen makes clear her suspicions about Geoff, leaving Tim feeling confused and torn.

Corrie fans know that Geoff has managed to manipulate Tim into thinking his mother was an alcoholic and the abuser – instead of Geoff – in their relationship. 

Viewers know that Tim’s financial situation could also be clouding his judgement as he’s relying on Geoff’s finances to remarry Sally later in the year, after she discovered that he’s already married to another woman named Charlie.

Will Tim finally put two and two together and realise his dad is a monster?

If not, could it spell the end for his relationship with Sally?

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