Coronation Street blunder as doctors leave morphine out next to drug addict Abi

CORONATION Street fans were left confused during last night's episode when doctors mindlessly left morphine next to drug addict Abi Franklin as she lay in bed.

Eagle-eyed viewers of the hit ITV soap called out the plot hole when the mechanic was rushed to hospital after a serious accident that occurred earlier this week.

The mum-of-three's plans to go and visit her twins, Charlie and Lexi, before they headed off to Australia with their adoptive parents, were ruined after she was scheduled to work that morning.

During her shift, her boss and boyfriend Kevin, was called out to help a customer who had broken down – but while he was gone an engine fell on top of Abi.

Last night's episode showed the aftermath of the accident as Abi was rushed to hospital after badly hurting her arm.

And when her eldest son Seb told her that the twins had already left for Australia, she put on a brave face until she was left alone.

She then began to sob in her hospital bed as she read a goodbye card written from her tots.

A concerned doctor offered Abi someone to talk to and she replied: "I don't need a counsellor, I just need something to take the pain away."

But just seconds later the doctor had to rush off to another patient while another approaching nurse went to help – leaving their drugs cabinet completely unsupervised.

Abi's heartbreak of not being able to see the twins proved too much for the recovering addict and she took a handful of drugs off the cart.

Just as she put them in her pocket, her ex-lover Peter walked into the ward and caught her red-handed.

But fans of the show turned to Twitter to discuss the scene as many refused to believe that a trained medic would do such a thing.

One wrote: "Never in a million years do they leave meds around like that."

Another tweeted: "BS!! They do not leave the drugs trolley open like that, never."

A third said: "Oh my god Abi is BREAKING ME."

Recovering alcoholic Peter saved Abi from the accident and managed to keep schtm about her thieving hands when Kevin walked into the ward.

Abi broke up with Peter when she realised he didn't want her to join him and Simon while sailing around the world on his boat.

But over the past year, since the pair have moved on with other people, fans seem to think that there could be potential for the two to rekindle their romance.

Many took to Twitter to discuss the potential, and one said: "Peter looking out for Abi aw bless his heart."

Another wrote:  "I hope that Abi can talk to Kevin and not open up to Peter. It's nice to have Peter as a friend but she cannot take advantage of him as Carla will get suspicious.

"Abi needs to book an appointment with a medical professional and seek support from Seb and Kevin."

A third added: "Thank goodness Peter saw Abi take the medication."

Another simply said: "Abi this is breaking my heart."


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