Complete lack of respect Richard Madeley blasted over Southend-On-Sea jokes

Richard Madeley awkwardly attempts Essex accent

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The Good Morning Britain host, 65, began putting on an Essex accent while discussing how the town has been granted city status as a tribute to Sir David Amess. The broadcaster offended some ITV viewers who claim he took away from the seriousness from the story by making it “about him” and cracking jokes.

Taking to Twitter, Andrew Swindells wrote: “And he is at it again, Richard Madeley on GMB doing the worst Essex ‘cor blimey’ accent ever when discussing the Queen’s decision to announce #Southend will become a city in tribute to #SirDavidAmessMP Complete lack of respect #GMB.”

Hannah penned: “What is it about Richard Madeley that he feels the need to make every topic about himself? Ruins @GMB.”

“Richard being cringe #GMB,” Lauren commented.

“@GMB for God sake Richard stop with the negative comments on Southend. It’s a tribute to Sir David!” Hammersgirl added.

More to follow….

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