Clarksons Farm season 2 release time explained as havoc continues

Clarkson’s Farm star Lisa Hogan is charged by a cow

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Carkson’s Farm is coming back to Amazon Prime Video and Jeremy Clarkson is feeling the impact of Brexit. In a bid to secure more income he has ideas to open a new restaurant and buy a herd of cows he can use for breeding and meat. has all you need to know about what time the series returns.

Jeremy returns along with all the regular characters including Kaleb Cooper and Charlie Ireland.

With farmers across the country facing the impact of the impending loss of subsidies, all are forced to diversify.

Jeremy has big plans as he introduces new animals and produce to his farm, including chickens and chillis.

All of this is with the ambition of increasing his annual profit from last year, which was £144.

The series is made up of eight episodes, all of which will be launching on Prime Video on February 10.

Viewers will be pleased to hear Prime Video’s standard release time for its titles is midnight Greenwich Mean Time.

With this in mind, fans will be able to watch the episodes as soon as they wake up if they so desire.

Each episode has a unique title and they are as follows:

Episode one- Surviving

Episode two – Cowering

Episode three – Schmoozing

Episode four – Badgering

Episode five – Council-ing

Episode six – Counselling

Episode seven – Scheming

Episode eight – Climaxing

Jeremy comes up against many threats this season, including TB in his new herd of cows.

After finding a dead badger on the farm, he opened up about the tragic discovery and how it impacted him.

He said: “That was one of the most difficult areas to cover because the badger is much-loved by most people in the country.

“In fact, the only people who absolutely hate badgers are farmers and people who work in the countryside.

“We thought, ‘What do we do?’ because if you want to make a popular show you have to say, ‘Oh, look at the little cuddly-wuddly badgers.’


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But I thought no, it’s a farming show, and you’d lose your core audience, the farmers, if you went around, saying, ‘Look at these sweet little animals’.

“So, I actually called them b******s and showed people what they actually do. It’s truthful.

“These are not nice animals. Do not be fooled by Brian May. This is what badgers do.

“This is how much heartache they’re causing to people who’ve worked for generations to build up a farm that’s been wiped out by badgers.”

Recalling the moment he found the animal, he said: “It was gory, for sure. Finding a dead badger, and showing all that hedgehog blood on its mouth, and all the things it’s eaten and the cows it’s infected.

“Not pleasant. Then there was a cow struggling to give birth and we had to use a winch to get the calf out.

“You could edit that out and if you were making a Sunday evening programme, you probably would.

“But if you want to know what life is like for farmers, you’ve got to put that in.

“You’ve got to put the badgers in and say how much damage they do, and you’ve got to show the tricky births.”

Carkson’s Farm is on Amazon Prime Video from February 10.

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