Chris Evans breaks down in tears live on radio over Ukraine crisis Its so sad!

Chris Evans cries on Virgin Radio over the Ukraine crisis

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Radio presenter Chris Evans began to cry while describing a photo of a father in Ukraine saying goodbye to his family as they evacuate the country. The 40-year-old became choked up before pausing and continued to sob as he explained the impact the picture had on him. It comes as the government has continued to come under fire for failing to take in more evacuees from the border at Calais as they attempt to unite with relatives in the UK.

Discussing the picture, Chris stated: “You have… you have a dad, who’s a policeman, saying goodbye to his little boy.”

Chris clearly began to get upset as he left a long pause before continuing.

“You have the presence of the little boy, who is completely aware that his dad’s there, but obviously not aware of the big picture, thank God.

“And then… two yards behind, you have – who I presume – is the little boy’s mum and the policeman’s partner.”

Between more pauses, he went on: “Of course, she has that little bit of perspective.

“She sees this whole picture and it’s so beautiful, it’s so sad.”

He begged listeners: “Please look at it, and just decide, what are you going to do?”

Listeners tuned into the station were moved by his emotional response.

Twitter user George Sommerville wrote: “Chris Evans crying on @VirginRadioUK this morning about the Ukraine crisis mirrors the sentiment of many – how do we help in such a helpless terrible situation.

“It’s easy to procrastinate and end up doing nothing. Chris is doing a fundraiser & there are other avenues to donate.”

John Collicutt penned: “I’ve just been listening to Chris Evans on @VirginRadioUK talking about support to #Ukraine️ and the emotional affect of a picture. Well done Chris, a great presenter.” (sic)

@duncanbolam added: “@VirginRadioUK please can you mention to #ChrisEvans that ‘I see him’ and how incredibly poignant and moving his piece was this morning on ‘that photo’. Please can you share the photo? And send the team my love!” (sic)

It comes as several large companies such as SHELL, McDonald’s, Estee Lauder, Coca-Cola, L’Oreal, Pepsi, Starbucks and Adidas have joined firms saying they are pulling out of Russia.

The energy giant, which has apologised for last week buying cheap Russian oil, is closing all its service stations there.

McDonald’s is temporarily shutting all 850 restaurants but will pay its 62,000 workers.

Boss Chris Kempczinski said the fast-food giant cannot ignore the “needless human suffering”.

Meanwhile, the government is facing increasing pressure to support refugees on a scale closer to that of other European countries.

The last week has seen several accounts of people fleeing Ukraine to try to join loved ones in the UK who have been unable to do so due to border controls.

Transport secretary Grant Shapps told BBC Breakfast today he believes Britain’s response to the crisis has been “incredibly generous.”

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