Carl Fogartys daughter Claudia enters Love Island villa

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The blonde bombshell, 28, is expected to turn heads with the boys on Tuesday night’s Love Island with a teaser clip showing her big arrival. Claudia can be seen wearing a stunning red angel outfit as she enters the villa. But, how will the other girls react to her arrival?

Claudia’s surprise arrival coincides with the end of the contestants’ challenge which will see some suggestive dress-up outfits including a cowgirl, pirate and saucy security officer.

In a spoiler clip, the Blackburn beauty can be seen announcing to the islanders: “Let’s really get them hearts racing…”

The official Love Island account on social media announced the news on Thursday afternoon, as they teased in the caption: “Boys, get ready for Blackburn babe Claudia.”

Claudia is making her TV debut and will hope to emulate the reality star success of her dad Carl who was crowned King of the Jungle in 2014.

The daughter of the motorcycling legend, 57, told pals she was ‘thrilled’ about joining the hit ITV2 show.

Sharing her dad’s take on her heading to the South Africa villa and her meeting a potential love interest, she said: ‘‘He was really up for it.

“My dad said he was really proud and to take the opportunity to find someone that’s not a d***head, that’s exactly what he said to me.’’

Who will Claudia attract the attention of in the Love Island villa?

Claudia has already attracted attention for her seemingly glamorous lifestyle and runs a clothing boutique called Storm Fashion with her sister Danielle.

An insider told The Sunday Sun: “Claudia is ready to strut into the villa imminently.

“She’s classy, beautiful and well-educated and is set to have all the boys fighting over her.

“Her life might be glamorous but family means everything to her and she’d love to meet the man of her dreams and settle down. But she’s promised not to be too raunchy, to save Dad’s blushes.”

Tuesday’s instalment will see the boys show off their moves first with the girls hooked up to heart-rate monitors to record their racing pulses.

Shaq is first up as he comes out dressed as an airport security officer and says: “Which one of you girls needs a pat down?”

As contestants wrap up the challenge and they have a shock delivery as Claudia bursts out of a box.

Fans have also shared their thoughts on the newcomer, with many claiming Claudia is “Ron’s type on paper”.

Claire joked: “Ron’s type on paper….again.”

Kirsty Poole wrote: “Cue Ron explaining to Lana that the new girl is 100% his type on paper & that he will be getting to know her…”

While Suz added: “Looking forward to Ron’s head turning for the 1800th time.”

Love Island continues tonight at 9pm on ITV2.

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