Camille Grammer Unloads on Denise Richards, Storms Out of 'RHOBH' Reunion Half-Naked

“Is she on something?” Denise asked her costars.

A true "Housewives" reunion is not complete without someone storming off set, and Tuesday night, it was Camille Grammer.

The post below details only the Camille-centric moments of "The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills" Season 9 reunion part 2 — see the rest of the recap here — but boy, she did not disappoint!

Camille Says She Was Forced to Invite Costars to Wedding

Camille was furious with her costars for talking behind her back in the van following her wedding, after they got wind of the overly positive interview she gave about Lisa Vanderpump. As the ladies have said time and time again, it was a prime example of Camille being two-faced, wishy-washy and scared of LVP.

In a tangent that started with Kyle Richards’ alleged off-camera comment about LVP’s breath, Camille turned her sights to Dorit Kemsley, calling her the "most phoniest person" she’s ever met.

"You’re such a fake! You are such a fake. Don’t even go there," Camille shouted across the room. Erika Jayne tried to defend her friend, but Camille was on a mission.

"I just — I have a thing about her," she kept saying. "I really do, Erika. I just have a thing about her. I don’t like when people pretend they’re somebody they’re not. It really drives me crazy. I’ve been around this town for so long, and you show up, and I don’t know, it’s something about you, Dorit! I just don’t feel that you’re sincere at times."

Dorit smiled and replied calmly, "You’re perfectly entitled to your opinion. The only thing I ask is that you actually are honest about it. Don’t pretend that you like me and that you wanna be friends and invite me to such big moments, like your wedding and your 50th birthday."

"That was production," Camille replied, eliciting an immediate uproar among her castmamtes and Andy Cohen. "No, but that is the truth because I didn’t want to invite any ladies to my wedding!"

"Oh, wow!" Kyle, who was a bridesmaid, let out — as Andy kept insisting Camille had a choice.

Camille Calls Lisa Vanderpump a ‘Fair-Weather Friend’

Andy brought up the bankruptcy accusations Camille hurled at Dorit during one of their last dinners, which Camille attributed to feeling "ambushed." She also said she felt the ladies "trashed" her during that van ride after her wedding.

"That’s nasty! You don’t come to my wedding and then treat me so disrespectful afterwards!" she shouted. "That was nasty! Why can’t I say a nice thing about Lisa Vanderpump without you, The Witches of Eastwick, coming after me?!"

The ladies’ issue with the article was that Camille had just vented to them about not feeling the love from LVP, who opted out of attending her bridal shower and wedding. Kyle then accused Camille of being "scared" to vocalize how she really feels about Lisa for fear of the Twitter bullying that would surely follow.

"You have been very clear that Lisa’s not been a friend to you," Kyle said matter-of-factly, as footage of Camille venting about LVP throughout the season took over the screen.

"Lisa Vanderpump has been a fair-weather friend, absolutely," Camille replied, proving Kyle’s point.

"Right, okay, so with that said, you’ll say, ‘She never calls me. We never hang out. She never checks on me,’" Kyle continued. "Meanwhile, we left our children and our families to be there and support you whether you actually wanted us there or not, I didn’t realize. I thought that you asked me to be a bridesmaid — maybe I’m stupid. I thought it was genuine."

Camille Loses It on Denise, Claims Richards Urged Her to Call Her Daughter ‘A F–king Liar’

When Andy asked Camille if she understood where Kyle was coming from, she shouted that she did. She grew redder and inched closer to being completely out of her seat.

Denise Richards, who’s remained relatively quiet for most of the reunion’s screaming matches, calmly asked Camille, "Why are you so angry? Honest to God, like, take it down a notch."

"Oh my God, Denise. Denise!" Camille shouted with a sigh. "Shut up!"

Rinna stepped in to tell Camille not to speak to her friend that way, prompting Camille to reveal she simply doesn’t like Denise.

"I know she’s your friend, but I don’t like her!" Camille said three times. "She told me to tell my daughter she was a f–king liar! Yes, you did. In the finale. Yes."

The conversation Camille was referring to was one she had with Denise at the Agency party. After Camille accused Teddi Mellencamp of snubbing her daughter, Mason, Denise intervened to say Camille should have simply tried to make her daughter feel good about the situation, whether she was snubbed or not.

This is exactly what went down at the party:

Denise: "Do you know what I would say to my daughter? I would defend them, and I would make my daughter feel like they were…"

Camille: "Yeah, well, maybe you make your daughters feel like shit, but I don’t make my daughter feel like shit!"

Denise: "I don’t make them feel like shit! I make them feel okay! Like, ‘Don’t worry, honey, they didn’t f–king snub you.’"

But that’s not how Camille remembered it. While insisting she does not curse at her kids, she claiming Denise admitted she does. Footage then showed a tipsy Denise revealing that screams at her kids only when she’s at her wits’ end with them.

Denise wasn’t even angry; she was concerned. "Camille, what is wrong with you?" she asked. "Honest to God, you need to go take a second because this is not good."

Camille Storms Off Set, Rips Mic Off as Her Dress Unzips Entirely

Pot-stirrer Andy decided to use the opportunity to ask Denise what was going through her mind during that lunch she had with Camille, where Camille spent the entire time bashing the other ladies behind their backs.

"So this is truly a setup?" Camille asked, looking around. "This is truly a setup!"

She stood up, stated "I’m done" multiple times and stormed off, leaving everyone confused. "What are you talking about?" Andy kept asking, as cameras followed Camille from the set to her dressing room.

But she kept mumbling to herself, "I’m done. I’m done!" as she ripped her mic off from the back of her dress, causing the entire thing to unzip. "Bullshit! They did say those things! She did say she cursed at her kids! She did say that. I’m not going through that bullshit. F–k them. Bullshit! Nasty bitches."

Luckily, production was able to save her from having a serious wardrobe malfunction in addition to her serious meltdown. "Take this off!" she demanded. "I’m leaving."

"Is she on something?" Denise asked the others, who were all in shock. "She’s so angry. She’s f–king nuts."

"The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills" Season 9 reunion concludes Tuesday, July 30 at 9 p.m. on Bravo.

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