Bradley Walsh in hysterics after Peter Andre’s Blankety Blank blunder ‘It’s all nonsense!’

Blankety Blank: Bradley Walsh falls over on set

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Blankety Blank presenter Bradley Walsh couldn’t help but laugh on Saturday’s episode of the popular game show. The BBC One series sees celebrities help contestants to fill in the missing words of a sentence, often resulting in comical consequences. However, it all got a bit too much for Bradley in the latest instalment of the show, when celebrity guest Peter Andre took one scenario a bit too literally.

Celebrity guests Judy Murray, Rob Beckett, Rickie Haywood-Williams, Ellie Taylor, Shappi Khorsandi and Peter Andre featured on the show on Saturday night.

However, the programme quickly went awry when Peter got the completely wrong answer in one round of the game.

Bradley began by reading out a fictional sentence about Scottish tennis coach Judy.

He said: “Judy Murray really lives the tennis lifestyle, even at home she has ball girls to hand her a ‘blank’ when she gets out of the bath.”

Contestant Tadgh swiftly shared what he thought was the obvious answer to fill the blank: “Towel!”

“That’s a great answer, that,” Bradley remarked as he turned to the panel of celebrity guests.

However, singing star Peter instantly went red faced and burst out laughing as he realised he’d got the answer completely wrong.

Bradley repeated the question to Peter, before the star placed his head in his hands and revealed his incorrect answer.

“A ball?” Bradley exclaimed in disbelief as the studio erupted with laughter.

Some of the other celebrity guests attempted to explain to Peter where he’d gone wrong.

Comedy star Ellie said: “She’s so into tennis that she has a ball girl to give her the towel.”

“Yes, which would have been my second answer, but I didn’t have that opportunity,” Peter explained, causing host Bradley to burst out laughing.

Rob chimed in: “Peter, why would you ever want a ball once you’ve got out of a bath?”

Peter replied: “But, you wouldn’t have a ball girl. I mean…”

However, he was quickly interrupted by Ellie shouting: “The whole premise is mad!”

“It’s all nonsense!” Rob exclaimed, with Peter agreeing: “It’s all nonsense.”

Tennis legend Judy joined in herself, adding: “You’re overthinking this.”

“You are,” Ellie agreed. “Do you have baths in Australia?” she jokingly asked the singer.

“I’m a shower guy,” Peter replied, once again sending Bradley into hysterics.

Blankety Blank airs Saturdays at 9pm on BBC One.

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