Bradley Walsh fumes ‘what is wrong with these contestants’ in The Chase rant

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The Chase host Bradley Walsh hit out during Friday's show after contestant Ben appeared on the show and opened up about his love of home baking.

The TV presenting veteran was unable to hide his annoyance when he realised Ben didn't bring him any sweet treats.

Ben, 38, a research director, was asked by Bradley how he likes to spend his time.

The quiz hopeful explained he is a 'keen baker' only for Bradley to interrupt him quickly.

"Did you make me any?" he asked, before Ben chuckled no.

Looking annoyed, Bradley then launched into a tongue-in-cheek rant.

Gazing around the studio exasperated, Bradley moaned: "What is wrong with contestants?

"If they say they bake they then don't bring stuff in. Why?"

As Ben explained he would also like to open a cafe in the near future, Bradley teased: "You could call it Big Ben's Buns".

Luckily for Ben, despite taking on new chaser Darragh who landed a role on the show after impressing bosses as a contestant, he was able to make it back home with his cash.

During the quickfire round Ben clocked up £3,000 in the bank but was offered a bumper £33,000 if he took a step closer to the Chaser.

Warning him not to take a lower offer of £1,000, Bradley insisted he thought Ben was 'better than that'.

Keen to play things to safe-ish, Ben agreed and didn't take either the high or low offer – instead sticking with his £3,000.

He was later joined by Debbie who won £4,000 bringing the total prize pot up to £7,000.

In the last single contestant round, maths teacher Steve gambled his £7,000 to play for a bumper £59,000.

However, sadly he was caught and failed to make it back to his fellow contestants.

The Chase airs on weekdays at 5pm on ITV.

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