'Big Sky' Season 2 Trailer Shook Fans With Voice of Rick Legarski

ABC’s Big Sky Season 2 trailer dropped on Aug. 26 and left the TV show’s fans excited and confused at the same time. The new sneak peek is a commercial for visiting Big Sky, Montana, instead of thrilling, fast-paced clips. However, it’s the voiceover that shook fans the most; the voice of dead Rick Legarski. John Carroll Lynch is back, but his character died in Big Sky Season 1. 

How did Rick Legarski die in ‘Big Sky’?

In Big Sky Season 1 Episode 5, viewers thought Rick Legarski finally died in the last few minutes. Cassie Dewell (Kylie Bunbury) tracked the state trooper down, finding him at the All In Bar. He had the trio of missing women tied up in the basement, so she pulled out her weapon. Cassie stood at the top of the stairs and Legarski at the bottom, both wielding guns. Meanwhile, viewers sat on the edge of their seats. Then fans rejoiced when Cassie finally shot the sex trafficker in the head. 

However, in the next episode of Big Sky, John Carroll Lynch is back; Rick survived the gunshot to everyone’s dismay. He doesn’t seem to remember anything, but his wife, Merrilee Legarski (Brooke Smith), becomes suspicious. The trooper passed a lie detector test, but Merrillee believes he’s faking his amnesia to keep himself out of jail. In Big Sky Episode 9, his wife can’t take it anymore. 

“The idea of you getting out of this? I just can’t deal with it,” Merrillee tells Rick before she bashes his head in with a hammer.

‘Big Sky’ Season 2 trailer and the voice of John Carroll Lynch

The new Big Sky Season 2 trailer teased fans with John Carroll Lynch’s voice. However, Rick Legarski is not back from the dead. Instead, the hint that Ronald Pergman (Brian Geraghty) casually told Jenny Hoyt (Katheryn Winnick) in the Big Sky Season 1 finale came to fruition. Lynch is back as Rick’s twin brother.

“Have you been dying to get away from it all?” Lynch calmly says in the trailer. “Then plan your escape to Montana’s beautiful Big Sky country. Explore our open roads. Get lost in our endless forests. With adventure on every horizon, who knows what you’ll find or what will find you. It’s like my brother always used to say, ‘If you come to Big Sky, you’ll never leave.’”

The writers perfectly placed the eerie references to murder and kidnapping in the Big Sky Season 2 trailer. Although the trailer doesn’t feature Lynch in any clips of the new installment, Deadline confirmed that he’s back for season 2.  

‘Big Sky’ Season 2 brings in a new ‘baddie’ 

As if the introduction of Rick’s brother in the Big Sky Season 2 trailer isn’t terrifying enough, the showrunner and executive producer Elwood Reid teased a new enemy.

Reid told Deadline that Ren, played by Janina Gavankar, is the “new baddie, who is going to bring in more baddies.”

Ren comes to town after a car wreck outside of Helena. The crash involved a business transaction of hers, and she is determined to find answers. 

Big Sky Season 2 premieres on Sept. 30, at 10 p.m. EST on ABC.

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