Big Brother spoilers: Cast ready for first Eviction Ceremony

Big Brother spoilers from the 2019 cast have become very prevalent thanks to the live feeds. That includes who won the Power of Veto and who the final nominees are for eviction this week.

On Sunday night, CBS viewers finally learned who Head of Household Christie Murphy nominated for eviction. This reveal was information live feed subscribers learned last week.

There are still several other details CBS viewers need to catch up on, beginning with what took place at the Week 1 Veto Competition.

Big Brother spoilers 2019: Who won Power of Veto?

The HOH (Christie Murphy) and two nominees (Cliff Hogg III and Kathryn Dunn) were joined by three more houseguests to play in the Veto Competition.

Jack Matthews, Nicole Anthony, and Sam Smith were the additional players. As revealed on the live feeds, after a long Veto Competition, Sam emerged as the winner.

Sam was privy to a plan set forth to use the Power of Veto and backdoor Kemi Faknule. Some houseguests used the excuse that Kemi was “playing the game too hard” during the first week.

Veto results: Final nominees for Eviction Ceremony

Sam used the Power of Veto to save Cliff. Then, Christie named Ovi Kabir as her replacement nominee. The shift occurred because Christie didn’t want to help the houseguests wanting to evict Kemi. It also means the Big Brother 2019 cast has to decide between Kathryn and Ovi at the first summer Eviction Ceremony.

The vote isn’t set in stone yet, but Kathryn has a few of the cast members on her side. Ovi and Kathryn aren’t part of the first eight-person alliance, though, so they are at risk of joining David Alexander outside of the game.

This is bad news for Ovi, who just won the Whacktivity Competition. He has the power to change the original nominations from an HOH, but he can’t use that to save himself this time. That could be disappointing for viewers, as Ovi’s eviction would cancel out the power.

Later this week, the first Eviction Ceremony vote tally will become clearer, and someone will walk out that front door. It’s either going to be Ovi Kabir or Kathryn Dunn evicted.

Big Brother 2019 currently has CBS episodes on Tuesday, Wednesday, and Sunday nights.

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