'Big Brother 23': Is Frenchie Toast? Episode Shows Team Jokers Convincing Him Not to Quit

The game of Big Brother 23 has changed quickly. Brandon “Frenchie” French started as the first Head of Household (HOH), and now he’s in danger of going home. The latest episode showed his team trying to convince him not to give up.

[Spoiler alert: Spoilers for the Big Brother 23 episode on July 21!]

Frenchie had a chaotic HOH on ‘Big Brother 23’

Frenchie and his team, Team Jokers (Azah Awasum, Derek Frazier, and Britni D’Angelo), won the first HOH competition guaranteeing them safety for the week. He then put up Alyssa Lopez and Kyland Young on the block.

This was surprising given he was close to Kyland, but he claimed he was only using him as a pawn. Frenchie said his target was Alyssa because it looked like she was showmancing with Christian Birkenberger.

Frenchie went on to make the Slaughterhouse Alliance, which included Alyssa and Christian. He then changed his target to Travis Long, which he successfully got evicted after Derek Xiao used the veto.

‘Big Brother’ episode shows Team Jokers convincing Frenchie not to give up

Kyland became HOH and put Frenchie and Britni on the block. Kyland said everyone brought up Frenchie’s name as the person who needs to go next except for Britni.

Frenchie seemed determined to have his fate in his own hands and tried to win the veto. But when he lost to Derek X, he began giving up. He said he wasn’t cut out for the backstabbing that’s in Big Brother.

Azah and Derek F were seen comforting him. “Frenchie, this was your dream, and you wanna give up?” Azah told him. “I feel like you do have the fight in you to be able to stay here. I’ve known how much you’ve looked forward to this and how much you wanted this and all the things you gave up for this.”

“I’m just tired. It’s harder than I thought,” Frenchie said. “I just wanna hug my kids, to be honest with you. I’m at that point. This game ain’t for me.”

Derek F then chimed in. “You’ve given up on yourself, and there’s no reason to give up on yourself yet,” he said. “You have plenty of fight left. Fight until the last drop because you never know what could happen.”

What is Frenchie’s last shot to stay?

The episode ended with Derek X deciding not to use the veto, so Frenchie and Britni are staying on the block. The last shot for Frenchie to stay is if he can convince the majority of voters to vote out Britni.

The episode ended with Frenchie saying Derek F’s words worked, and he’s motivated to keep trying. Fans will have to tune into tomorrow’s episode to see if he can save his game.

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