'Below Deck': Delores Flora Was Not the Worst Charter Guest, Eddie Lucas Reveals – 'She Was Really Sweet' (Exclusive)

Eddie Lucas said that Below Deck charter guest Delores Flora was definitely not the worst charter guest on the show, sharing that she was actually very sweet.

“Everybody would think it would be like Delores,” he said about who was the worst charter guest during an exclusive YourEncore event. “But actually Delores, she was actually really sweet. She pissed Captain Lee [Rosbach] off. You know, Captain Lee got the brunt of Delores.”

Delores Flora became the second charter guest Captain Lee kicked off the boat

Flora angered Rosbach last season when she got extremely drunk at dinner and insisted on going swimming in the ocean. She then mocked him when he barked at her to get out of the water. Rosbach initially planned to end the entire charter for the group of guests but instead asked only Flora to leave the next day.

Rosbach has only booted one group of charter guests in the history of Below Deck. He ended the very first charter during the flagship episode in 2013 when stew Kat Held found illegal drugs in a cabin.

Flora later appeared on Watch What Happens Live with Andy Cohen and giggled about getting kicked off the boat, admitting she had a problem with authority. Rosbach didn’t find her remark to be funny.  “What she did was wrong,” he said on WWHL (via Bravo’s The Daily Dish).

“She shouldn’t have gone there,” he continued. “I told her not to go in the water. I don’t know what part about that she did not understand. It’s very simple, I was very explicit, and it is dangerous to go swimming in the water at night. You can lose sight of somebody really, really quickly, and then you just don’t get it back.”

Justin Richards took the ‘worst charter guest’ on ‘Below Deck’ spot, Eddie Lucas says

Lucas continued during his live appearance sharing that Justin Richards took over the “worst” slot. “For us [the crew], you know, Justin this past episode was pretty f**king horrible,” he admitted. Richards fought with not only the other guests, but he told chief stew Heather Chase to go “f**k” herself and throw herself off of the boat.

“He attacked everyone except Captain Lee,” he continued. “So he was pretty bad.”

While Rosbach was spared the worst of Richards, he still wasn’t amused and was prepared to end his charter. “I have done probably hundreds of charters,” Rosbach blogged about Richards’ behavior. “Some were great, some not so much. But in all that time, I do not recall a group that I had more dislike for than this bunch. Believe me, I have tried to come up with a descriptive term for how out of place they were, but I couldn’t think of one I could print, and let me tell you something, that speaks volumes. In case anyone missed it, I am from Michigan. Just wanted to set the record straight for clarification. I do hope I don’t have the displeasure of having these people on my boat again, unless they make a miraculous recovery during the 2nd half of their charter.”

Could Timothy Sykes no longer be Captain Lee’s ‘worst’ guest?

Until recently Rosbach always referred to Timothy Sykes as being “the worst” charter guest ever. Sykes appeared on Below Deck Season 2 and actually removed tip money from the wad of cash. Why? Because he didn’t love the food chef Ben Robinson prepared for his girlfriend. He also constantly complained about the WiFi too.

Long before Flora and Richards set sail on Below Deck, fans wanted to know who was the worst charter guest for Rosbach. “It was when Timothy Sykes took back some of the tip, 5K after he had already handed it to me and said he was taking some back because his 19yr old girlfriend didn’t like her dinner after he ordered it for her,” Rosbach replied to a Twitter fan.

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