Behind the scenes of Maury Povich Show – boozy crowd famous set and $5m wage

Maury Povich has been shocking and entertaining audiences day in, day out with his explosive show that covers lie detectors, paternity tests and everything in between – think Jeremy Kyle but 100x more crazy and wild.

From crazy internships where you have to wear gallons of hairspray to prevent yourself from getting head-lice, and audience member getting drunk and high backstage – there are many secrets from behind the scenes of The Maury Povich Show that you might not have known.

Here at Daily Star, we've delved into the best-kept secrets and most-shocking revelations from this explosive talk show.

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The studio might be a little familiar

Does the set of the Maury Povich show look a little familiar? Well, Maury, The Jerry Springer Show, and The Steve Wilkos Show are all filmed in exactly the same studio – yep, on exactly the same stage.

The Stamford Center for the Arts is where each of the popular chat shows are filmed.

Maury works two days each week, while peers Jerry Springer and Steve Wilkos work one day a week.

Jerry Springer who he shares the stage with has previously revealed that he actually prefers Maury's show to his own – we would love to see the pair of them team up at some point.

Maury is paid well over $5million to host the show

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A few years back, Maury went golfing with CBS analyst Gary McCord.

During the game, the CBS analyst tried to put Maury off by saying "Maury, I've watched your show. I wouldn't do that show for $5 million a year."

Maury, surprisingly, gracefully and oh so hilariously replied: "Neither would I!"

The host didn't reveal to him exactly what he gets paid to do his show, but if it's well over $5million, it's certainly worth a two day work week.

The audience are 'rowdy, drunk and high'

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Sites like Reddit and elsewhere online contain accounts that detail what happens when you become a member of the audience for Maury's show.

A lot of people have explained how there is a lot of time spent waiting backstage – with some people even revealing that a lot of people drink alcohol or smoke cannabis while waiting for the show to start filming.

It's common that the same audience groups will sit through two episodes.

When on breaks, the audience reportedly flocks to near by diners and bars which are situated near the studio in Stamford, Connecticut.

The bars are said to be busy with binge drinkers looking to fill the time.

Guests are 'coached'

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Most participants on the show do seem to be actual couples with relationship problems, who are appearing on the show in a bid to rectify their issues.

It has been alleged that the show’s staff coach participants on how they should act to make their segment seem more dramatic and exciting for the viewers.

It has been said that exaggeration is key – according to accounts by former interns and audience members, which is probably why everything seems super heated and dramatic.

And so is the audience…

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A member of the production team is said to appear on stage to coach the audience members before each segment is filmed.

They run through the names of the contestants, and then, they go through how the audience should react to specific cues.

When someone is getting married, they all applaud.

When someone is accused of cheating, they all boo loudly.

The member of staff will go over how loudly they boo and how excited they should be at all times.

That’s why there are shots of the audience showing them up and actively participating in what’s going on on stage.

The producers 'will do anything' to make it dramatic

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A former intern has made the allegation that the show’s staff and production team 'will do just about anything' to ensure the show features excitement and explosive confrontations.

Some people have even accused the show of 'ruining people’s lives on national television'.

In a Reddit AMA with a 'former producer', the person revealed: "There was a lot of craziness, the only that didn't air was a father who pulled out a knife when he found out it was his."

They were asked: "Were the "rebellious" teenagers really as terrible as they seemed?"

To which they replied: "They are really awful but I don't think they are THAT awful as you see. They are there on TV to show how awful they are and they definitely play it up."

The show is never actually responsible for the explosive situations though.

There's a 'crazy' internship

This may come as a shock to some, but Maury is actually rather well known in America for offering a rather wild internship.

The show is often seeking out new interns who are attending college, to train up the next generation of producers, directors and TV crew.

There are many stories (mainly on sites like Reddit) from alleged former interns, where they share their craziest experiences from the hit show.

In a Reddit AMA, a former intern revealed one of his most memorable moments was: "Being told to hairspray the sh*t out of my hair so as not to get lice from the guests. We also had a hairdresser on the show who refused to do hair for fear of getting lice. Apparently, this is a big issue at the Maury Show."

They also said: "The guests are actually real people, unlike Springer, etc. However, the guests get hyped up by the staff and are fed lines. Honestly, with a few exceptions, the guests were super nice–usually just people in sh*tty situations with sh*tty options."

Maury says it's '100% authentic'

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A lot of people question the show for it's authenticity, but the man himself has assured his fans and viewers that every single person who appears on the show is '100% real and authentic'.

In a Reddit AMA, Maury himself said: "All of it is real. There’s not a moment that is not real. There’s not a moment that is scripted. I could make a case that we were maybe one of the first reality shows that came onto the scene."

Some people think it's exploitative

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The show has actually been accused of exploiting its guests’ issues for entertainment – which is understandable.

Speaking about the accusations, Maury said in an interview: "I think we’ve made a difference in people’s lives some of the time. Not for all the guests…But for some. I’ll take that in trade in terms of being accused of exploitation."

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