BBC investigates Epstein lawyer interview after backlash Didnt meet editorial standards

Ghislaine Maxwell found guilty in sex trafficking trial

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The BBC will launch an investigation into the decision to interview Jeffrey Epstein’s former lawyer Alan Dershowitz. Dershowitz has previously been accused of the sexual abuse of a minor. The interview came after last night’s Ghislaine Maxwell verdict, which found her guilty on five of six felony counts.

The BBC was inundated with complaints and as a result, a BBC statement this morning said the Dershowitz interview “did not meet editorial standards”.

It said: “Last night’s interview with Alan Dershowitz after the Ghislaine Maxwell verdict did not meet the BBC’s editorial standards. 

“As Mr Dershowitz was not a suitable person to interview as an impartial analyst. 

“And we did not make the relevant background clear to our audience. We will look into how this happened.”

Dershowitz has been accused of historic sexual abuse by Virginia Roberts Giuffre. 

The BBC failed to mention this fact during an interview on BBC News following the guilty Maxwell verdict.

Dershowitz denies Giuffre’s claims and Giuffre has previously sued Dershowitz for defamation, which he then counter-sued.

The BBC also came under fire this morning after another interview surrounding the Maxwell verdict was disrupted. 

BBC Breakfast bosses were slammed during the show as a phone started ringing during an interview with Ghislaine Maxwell’s biographer, Nigel Cawthorne.

Cawthorne for his reaction to the latest development in the Maxwell case, but just as he started to answer, his phone could be heard ringing. 

“I’m sorry about this,” he said before attempting to switch off his phone mid-interview. 

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