BBC EastEnders fans spot huge blunder after horror café fire

EastEnders fans have noticed a big mistake as the fate of the café fire victims was revealed.

Rocky Cotton started a fire at Kathy's café by messing with the electrics, hoping to use the insurance money to pay off his gambling debts.

But sadly, Bobby Beale ran into the café to try and save it from the flames but got caught in an explosion along with Peter Beale and Rocky, putting them all in danger.

At the start of Monday night's episode, it was confirmed that Rocky is doing well and was able to leave the hospital while Ian and Cindy arrived to see a sickly Bobby. However, he managed to give Ian a hug while Cindy frantically looked for Peter.

Peter was seen in intensive care, hooked up to machines including a ventilator, with the family understandably worried about whether he will survive after being caught in the terrible explosion.

However, fans spotted a big mistake on the BBC soap and shared their thoughts on Reddit.

One wrote: "Bobby escaping with tiny knock on his head and Peter in a life threatening coma is absolute BS," while another added: "In the real world, Bobby would be dead. No one is surviving that explosion."

A third shared: "Even if they did, with that minimal of an injury is ridiculous."

A fourth fan commented: "The way Bobby just jumped up today and was like "Daaad".. All chipper and ready to roll with a tiny chicken scratch on his head!? Come on!" A final viewer added: "Bobby had just tripped the switch then the window beside him shattered with flames coming out right where he was standing. How he got to the other side of the cafe is beyond me."

Brian Conley, who plays Rocky Cotton, will be leaving EastEnders soon. But will his recent actions play a part in his exit?

Speaking about his departure, Brian said: "I made my decision for many reasons, this decision, and it's tough because they're such a wonderful crowd. In front of the cameras and behind the cameras, I've loved my three years there.

"There's other parts of the reports saying that I 'clashed' with TV bosses and the crew. I didn't 'clash' with anyone, I didn't have a rant. I've gone with their [ EastEnders '] blessings at the BBC, I'm excited about the future and where it's going to go."

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