BBC Breakfast presenter shares concern for Carol Kirkwood Im worried

Jon Kay says 'I'm worried about your hay fever' to Carol Kirkwood

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Meteorologist Carol Kirkwood was in St James’s Park sharing the latest weather forecast as the UK heats up. Although she told BBC Breakfast viewers how nice it was to be working from such a pretty setting, her colleague Jon Kay asked the 60-year-old if she was okay as he was “worried” about her hayfever. Carol admitted she was struggling with the seasonal condition.

As she appeared on the BBC morning show to give viewers an update, Carol commented: “Good morning everybody, I’m in St James’s Park in London this morning, look at the view! It is gorgeous here.”

Standing in front of a picturesque lake, she added: “Nice and still, we’ve got the ducks. we’ve got the geese, we’ve got the sun, it is lovely.

“In front of me we’ve also got poppies, daisies, cornflower – which reminds me, pollen levels today are high or very high almost across the board, the exception to that is the far north of Scotland.”

She warned: “So if you’ve got an allergy to grass pollen and nettle pollen as well actually, then do bear that in mind before you set out.”

Carol proceeded to present the weather forecast and probably delighted viewers with the news that the sun would be sticking around.

After the update, Sally Nugent chimed: “Carol, it looks so beautiful where you are this morning.”

She admitted: “I do love sitting next to Jon but I really do wish I was with you today, so nice!”

“I feel the same!” Jon remarked, as Carol laughed: “So do I, Sal!”

“Shall we fight over her?” Sally joked to her co-star as Jon suggested: “Let’s have lessons on the grass today!”

“Come and join me, I would love that,” Carol invited the BBC broadcasters.

“How’s the hayfever, Carol? I’m worried about your hayfever,” Jon asked.

“My nose is running like a tap I can tell you that for nothing,” Carol laughed.

Looking jokingly concerned, she added: “But here I am, amongst the flowers again!”

“You’re doing a sterling job!” Sally commented, while Jon joked: “Only two-and-a-half hours to go, you’ll be fine!”

Her allergies didn’t affect professional Carol’s presenting though.

Earlier in the show, she beamed as she explained: “What a view we have, you can see the pelicans behind me, some of them have woken up, some of them are still having a bit of a sleep.

“The fountain on the other side… it’s a very tranquil start to the day.

“Temperatures here at the moment are about 12.5 celsius, yesterday St James’s Park was actually the warmest part of the country at just over 25 degrees.”

Carol continued to present updates from the London park throughout the morning.

BBC Breakfast airs weekdays from 6am on BBC One.

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