"Back To The Future" Stars Explain Why There Won’t Be A Fourth Film

It’s been 30 years since Back to the Future Part III hit the big screens, but as time has passed, countless fans of the iconic film series have refused to give up hope for a fourth film.

For many years, Back to the Future director Robert Zemeckis, producer and writer Bob Gale and several cast members have repeatedly shut down the idea of a fourth film.

There’s not even interest in rebooting the series, either.

And for those who are still dreaming of Back to the Future Part IV, the cast members have once again emphasized that it’s not going to happen. They reiterated this during a Wizard World virtual panel (h/t Cameron Bonomolo of Comic Book).

James Tolkan – who played Principal Strickland in the first two films and Marshal James Strickland in Part III – explained that they’re more than pleased with the trilogy, and they’re simply not going back.

“There’s always talk of, ‘Someday he’s (Zemeckis) going to do a Part IV.’ We’ve done it, it’s done,” Tolkan said. “One, two, and three, please. We’re quite happy with that.”

Claudia Wells played Jennifer Parker – the girlfriend of Marty McFly – in the first film. She pointed out that Gale hasn’t changed his stance on keeping it as a three-part series.

“Bob Gale has always been very adamant about, ‘There is no Back to the Future IV,” Wells said.

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Wells also cited a time where her and Christopher Lloyd (Doc Brown) were at a theater for a Q&A segment. According to Wells, Lloyd remarked “Everyone says no,” regarding a fourth film.

It’s been 35 years since the release of the first Back to the Future film, and the series is still as popular as ever. So popular, that the dream of a Part IV will not go away. But it’s easy to understand why Zemeckis, Gale and the main cast members are keen on leaving it as a trilogy.

It’d be difficult to find the right story more than three decades later. And there have been several lackluster and unsuccessful movie series reboots in Hollywood. Back to the Future ended on a high note, so there’s good reason to leave it as is.

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